The 5+ BEST Motorcycle Throttle Locks (Reviews) in 2021

motorcycle throttle controls

After riding your motorcycle for a long period of time, you may have noticed some hand fatigue or cramping. This can easily happen in your throttle hand, especially if you’re keeping the throttle in the same position, like on the highway.

To help alleviate any cramping or fatigue it’s a good idea to use a motorcycle throttle lock. Despite the name, these don’t actually lock your throttle.

What a throttle lock does is keep the throttle in a certain position with pressure and friction. it allows the rider to set the throttle so they can maintain their speed while relaxing their throttle hand.

These throttle locks are safe and easier-to-use, especially for longer rides or motorcycle touring. In this post, we put together a list of the best motorcycle throttle locks that we recommend for most riders.

Let’s jump right into it!

The Best Motorcycle Throttle Lock

GO CRUISE 2 Universal Throttle Control System (Best Motorcycle Throttle Lock Overall)

GO CRUISE 2 Universal Throttle Control System

The GO CRUISE 2 Universal Throttle Control System is a simple and basic throttle lock. It’s the most popular for a reason – it’s durable and easy to use while you’re riding.

The GO CRUISE 2 Universal Throttle Control System takes advantage of a simple, universal design. It can easily be mounted on the handlebars and locked into place for steady throttle power.

This nifty accessory is made from a sturdy aluminum alloy. It’s not going to flex or bend out of place after it’s locked.

When it comes to locking this throttle lock, there is an adjustment dial on the side for locking it into position. This is easy to use with one hand so you can even set the lock while you’re riding.

This same dial is used to open the lock so that it can be attached to the handlebars. When it’s not needed, it’s just as easy to open the dial slightly and push the throttle lock out of place.

To help with keeping the lock secure, a silicone ring is included. This helps to keep it in place on your handlebars and prevents it from sliding once locked.

Overall, the GO CRUISE 2 Universal Throttle Control System is one of the best motorcycle throttle locks for most riders. It’s simple, affordable, easy-to-use, and doesn’t require any tools for installation.

ATLAS Throttle Lock

ATLAS Throttle Lock

The ATLAS Throttle Lock is another semi permanent solution if you’re looking for an affordable motorcycle cruise control. It’s designed to attach to the throttle and lock it in place through the built-in mechanical system.

The ATLAS Throttle Lock mounts to the plastic throttle tube on your motorcycle handlebars. Once engaged, the friction pad presses against the throttle housing and holds it in place for a sustained speed.

It’s easy to adjust the speed manually. This is done by slowly rotating the throttle until you achieve your desired speed on the bike.

To disengage the throttle lock, there is an easily accessible off button. Everything can be easily accessed and used with your thumb, so no need to take your hands off the handle bars while you’re riding.

Insulation is simple with this unit bolting on within 10 minutes. There’s no need to remove the grips, hand guards, or any other components, this offers a universal installation.

Overall, if you’re looking for a reliable motorcycle throttle lock that’s safe to use, check out the ATLAS Throttle Lock. It’s easy to install, durable, and helps to relieve cramping and fatigue from using the throttle.

Go Cruise Ease Throttle Lock

Go Cruise Ease Throttle Lock

The Go Cruise Ease Throttle Lock takes advantage of an even simpler design than our top recommendation. This one slides over the handlebar and is meant to be pushed into place to lock the throttle.

What’s great about this model is that it’s extremely basic and affordable. There aren’t any moving parts and just one finger is required to set the locking position.

Installation is incredibly easy as well. Start by sliding the included silicone ring over the handlebars and then positioning the throttle lock in place.

The silicone ring prevents the lock from sliding while you’re riding. Unfortunately, since it can’t be locked into place, it does end up sliding after some time.

Despite that, the Go Cruise Ease Throttle Lock is still a great choice if you’re looking for a cheap motorcycle throttle lock. It’s easy to install, easy to use, and does the job well for relieving hand and wrist fatigue.

BrakeAway Motorcycle Cruise Control

BrakeAway Motorcycle Cruise Control

The BrakeAway Motorcycle Cruise Control is meant to be permanently installed on your motorcycle handlebars. It’s designed to lock the throttle in place to maintain your speed while riding.

Compared to some of the electronic cruise control products, this is an affordable alternative for motorcycle cruise control. It’s safe and reliable to use while allowing you to stretch your throttle hand during longer rides.

The BrakeAway Motorcycle Cruise Control comes with an easy push button engagement. Rather than using a dial, this model uses buttons to engage or disengage the throttle lock.

It’s designed to be installed over the throttle and uses a locking mechanism to lock the throttle in place. One great safety feature is that the lock is immediately released when you grab the front brake.

Overall, the BrakeAway Motorcycle Cruise Control provides a more permanent solution for a motorcycle throttle lock. With great reviews and a durable build quality, it’s also a great alternative to more expensive electronic motorcycle cruise controls.

Crampbuster Cruise Assist

Crampbuster Cruise Assist

The Crampbuster Cruise Assist is an interesting and simple way to relieve discomfort and fatigue from your throttle hand. This accessory is designed to slide over your throttle and improve your riding comfort.

Unlike our other recommendations, the Crampbuster Cruise Assist doesn’t actually lock the throttle in place. Instead, it allows you to use your palm to maintain the same throttle power while stretching your fingers and hands.

This makes it easy to effortlessly control the throttle without squeezing. It’s a perfect choice for those of you that want some tactile feedback without having to rely on a dedicated throttle lock for control.

There aren’t any moving parts or tools required to use or install the Crampbuster Cruise Assist. It’s as easy as sliding it over your handlebars and heading off for a ride.

When you don’t want to use it, the Crampbuster Cruise Assist can be slid towards the bottom of the throttle so it’s not in the way. It’s just as easy to remove and stash it if you’re finding a bothersome.

The Crampbuster Cruise Assist provides a great way to maintain throttle speed without having to completely grip the throttle. This is a great product for relaxing your throttle hand and reducing fatigue on longer rides.

Why You Should Use a Motorcycle Throttle Lock

motorcycle throttle controls

There are a number of benefits to using a motorcycle throttle lock. These are especially a great accessory if you suffer from carpal tunnel or hand pain on longer rides.

Prevents Fatigue and Cramps

Most motorcycles don’t come with cruise control, especially cheap motorcycles. On longer rides without cruise control, it’s possible to get cramping, fatigue, or even pain in your throttle hand and wrist.

Using a motorcycle throttle lock gives relief to any pain or discomfort you’re feeling in your hand muscles. It makes it possible to stretch or remove your hand from the handlebars without having to stop your bike.

Great For Longer Rides

On longer rides, especially if you’re spending time on the highway, using a throttle lock makes the ride easier. The riding speed can be locked into place and you could focus on the scenery instead of constantly glancing at your speedometer.

These devices are designed to maintain engine speed while allowing you to loosen your grip. This makes for a more relaxing and enjoyable scenery, especially if you’re already suffering from fatigue or hand pain.

Universal Design

For the most part, motorcycle throttle locks are designed to fit on a wide variety of different motorcycles. They can even be used for scooters, if you’re taking one on a longer ride.

They’re also designed to slide onto your handlebars, even if you have motorcycle hand guards, different motorcycle mirrors, or heated grips. Throttle locks are easy to install and definitely improve long-distance riding comfort.

Key Features

Here are the different features to look out for when you’re in the market for the best motorcycle throttle lock. Keep these in mind when you’re checking different products to make sure you’re getting what you want.

Ease of Use

The most important feature to look for is that the throttle lock is easy to use. It’s important that it’s easy to engage and disengage the locking mechanism to avoid any issues when you’re out riding.

It should be possible to lock or unlock the mechanism with your thumb. It’s not a good idea to be removing your hand from the handlebars, especially the throttle side of things.

Due to the small design of these products, they don’t take up too much space on the grips. This prevents your hands from feeling cramped or getting distracted while you’re riding.

Don’t forget that the main reason to buy a throttle lock is to improve your comfort on the bike. The easier it is to use, the more you’ll enjoy riding.

Cruise Control

These motorcycle throttle locks are designed to lock the throttle in place. Without one, you have to keep holding the throttle to maintain speed.

For shorter rides, or riding in the city, this generally isn’t an issue. However, once you hit the highway for extended rides, holding the throttle can lead to hand fatigue, discomfort, and pain.

This is a great motorcycle accessory to have if you’re riding often and find yourself with hand fatigue. Even the throttle locks that don’t offer cruise control, having the throttle locked in place is a form of basic cruise control for your bike.

Using one of these allows you to essentially lock the throttle in a fixed position. This allows your motorcycle to maintain speed, even when you’re going uphill or downhill.


The best motorcycle throttle lock will offer the right amount of resistance. You want to be able to adjust it with your throttle hand, specifically your thumb or forefinger, while you’re riding.

There needs to be friction resistance, to prevent the throttle from swinging back once the lock is applied. With the throttle locked in place, it becomes possible to rest your hand and stretch your fingers.

This is great for a longer rides, especially if you’re suffering from cramping or discomfort. Even This is great for a longer rides, especially if you’re suffering from cramping or discomfort. It even allows those of you with carpal tunnel, nerve damage, or other wrist issues to keep riding comfortably.


When you’re looking for a good motorcycle throttle lock, check that it’s made of stainless steel or aluminum alloy. While there are some models made with plastic, these typically aren’t the best for longevity or durability.

Don’t forget to look at reviews to see what other riders have to say. There is a lot of accurate and helpful information that’s in the reviews for you to consider.

Ease of Installation

Depending on the throttle lock you’re using, it will have a different way to install it. The easiest ones slide over the throttle, while some models require a more permanent installation.

Regardless of the throttle lock you’re using, it should be easy to install. Most of them use a silicone tube that slides over the throttle, with the locking mechanism being positioned on it. This helps keep it in place while you’re riding

Others will require you to bolt the throttle lock to the throttle. Even these models shouldn’t take longer than 5 to 10 minutes to install.

Motorcycle Throttle Lock Pricing

scooter throttle

$10 – $50

Most throttle locks can be found in this price range. These typically take advantage of a simple, yet practical design. They’re meant to hold the throttle in place and maintain engine speed. This provides your hands with some rest and allows you to stretch while riding.

$50 – $100

Throttle locks in this price range typically require some form of installation. However, they’re easy to install, easy to use, and made of metal for increased durability. It’s easy to engage and disengage models in this range while you’re riding.

$100 and Up

In this price range, motorcycle throttle locks typically come with an electronic cruise control feature. Unlike most of our recommendations, these don’t simply lock the throttle. Instead, they’re designed to automatically adjust the bikes speed and require a semi-permanent installation.

Helpful Tips

  • Using a throttle lock is a good idea if you have a motorcycle that doesn’t come without cruise control. When you first get one, practice in a low traffic area. You don’t want to be learning how to use it with cars zooming around you.
  • Avoid using a throttle lock when you’re riding in traffic. The reason being that they require a lot of adjustments if you’re not maintaining engine speed. This is inconvenient and can be dangerous. Only use the throttle lock on longer stretches of open road.
  • For bikes that vibrate a lot, such as a Harley or bigger cruiser, the throttle lock may not be as effective. The vibrations can cause the friction point to move, reducing the effectiveness of this accessory. These work better with well-balanced, smooth running motorcycles such as touring bikes, smaller cruisers, and sport bikes.


How Do You Install a Motorcycle Throttle Lock?

Most throttle locks are easy to install. They typically come with instructions that detail the installation process.

It’s also possible to find tutorials on YouTube if you’re having trouble. There’s usually no reason to remove the grips. Generally, the throttle lock will slide right over the throttle and shouldn’t take longer than a few minutes to install.

How Do You Know if a Throttle Lock Will Fit on Your Motorcycle?

Most throttle locks are universal and designed to fit with most motorcycles. However, some of them are designed for specific makes of motorcycles.

Always check the manufacturer’s specifications and product description for information about the fit. You can also look online if you’re having trouble finding more information.

What is Throttle Assist?

The throttle lock acts as a throttle assist by holding a throttle in place while you’re riding. With it engaged, there’s no need to squeeze the grips to increase, decrease, or maintain speed.

Taking advantage of throttle assist allows you to stretch and relax your hand. This helps to prevent it from cramping up, becoming fatigued, or becoming painful.

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