The 5+ BEST Motorcycle Tail Bags (Reviews) for 2021

cruiser with tail bagMotorcycle tail bags make it easier to travel with extra gear and accessories. Instead of using a motorcycle backpack or motorcycle saddlebags, you can stash your stuff into a tail bag. They’re easier to access, less bulky, and can usually fit more than the alternative motorcycle storage options.

With so many options to choose from, it can be tricky finding the right motorcycle tail bag for your needs and riding style. There are some questions you need to ask yourself before deciding on a specific model.

Are you looking for something waterproof or are you OK with using the rain cover? Do you prefer zippers, buckles, or a roll top? Is your bike equipped with a mounting rock or do you need something with quick-release features?

To make it easier for you, we put together this helpful post. In this post, we’re going to look at the best motorcycle tail bags. Here you’ll find some great options that are well-reviewed and practical for most riders. Instead of having to scroll through pages of products, this guide will help you find the best tail bags for motorcycles.

Don’t forget to scroll past our recommendations for an in-depth buying guide and FAQ. Should you have any questions or suggestions, let us know in the comments below. Let’s jump right into it!

The Best Motorcycle Tail Bags

Nelson Rigg ST2 Commuter Bag (Best Motorcycle Tail Bag)

Nelson Rigg ST2 Commuter Bag

The Nelson Rigg ST2 Commuter Bag is our top recommendation as the best motorcycle tail bag for most riders. This bag is ideal for shorter, local rides and a great choice for commuting. It’s easy to install and, when expanded, could hold up to 33L of gear.

Nelson Rigg is a popular, well-known, and reliable motorcycle brand. It’s easy for us to recommend the Nelson Rigg ST2 Commuter Bag because of these qualities. If you’re looking for a durable tail bag that’s easy to install and comes with ample storage, this is what we recommend.

The Nelson Rigg ST2 Commuter Bag is designed using a lightweight, durable fabric with built-in UV protection. The interior is lined, to help protect both the bag and its contents. On the outside is reflective piping, which helps with visibility.

Mounting is simple and can be done with a series of quick release buckles. This bag is designed to mount to most motorcycle tail sections and seats. It can be easily installed or removed depending on where you’re going.

With up to 33L of storage, when is expanded, the Nelson Rigg ST2 Commuter Bag can hold plenty of gear. It’s possible to stash your motorcycle helmet inside. For touring, or day trips, there’s plenty of room for spare clothes and your motorcycle accessories.

Other features worth mentioning include the adjustable shoulder strap, high-density rubber zipper pullers, and waterproof rain cover. This is a versatile tail bag that’s suitable for a wide range of riding purposes.

Overall, the Nelson Rigg ST2 Commuter Bag is our recommendation as the best motorcycle tail bag for most riders. Whether you’re going on shorter, local rides, or heading on a longer trip, you’re bound to find this bag to be a practical choice. It’s easy to install, has plenty of storage, and is durable for regular use.


JFG Racing Motorcycle Tail Bag (Best Cheap Motorcycle Tail Bag)

JFG Racing Motorcycle Tail Bag

The JFG Racing Motorcycle Tail Bag is our recommendation if you’re looking for the best cheap motorcycle tail bag. This is a smaller, lightweight seat bag that’s practical for storing some motorcycle accessories. With its smaller size, this bag is a great choice for commuting and local day trips.

The JFG Racing Motorcycle Tail Bag is made from a blend of leather and polyester materials. The exterior is water resistant, durable, and suitable for dry weather conditions. For wet weather, a rain cover is included, making the bag waterproof.

On the inside is a soft, microfiber liner. When it comes to storage, this bag is able to hold up to 15L when expanded. This is plenty of space for your smart phone, wallet, a bathing suit, camera, shoes, and other motorcycle accessories you’re riding with.

Installation is simple thanks to the buckles and straps. Two straps are included for strapping the bag to the back seat or to your motorcycle rack. On the bottom is a grippy material that helps to keep the bag in place while you’re riding.

Overall, if you’re looking for a lightweight and affordable motorcycle tail bag, it’s the JFG Racing Motorcycle Tail Bag that we recommend. It’s not going to win any design awards, but it’s a great choice for short, local rides and commuting.

Givi EA115BK Waterproof Duffle (Best Adventure Motorcycle Tail Bag)

Givi EA115BK Waterproof Duffle

The Givi EA115BK Waterproof Motorcycle Duffle Bag is our recommendation for the best adventure motorcycle tail bag. With 40L of storage and a practical, duffle design, this bag is ideal for adventure motorcycles, longer trips, and multi-day rides.

The Givi EA115BK Waterproof Duffle is made from a waterproof, PVC tarpaulin material. It’s also equipped with stitch-less seems and a roll-down closing system. This ensures that the bag is fully waterproof, which helps to keep your gear dry during poor weather.

The bag itself has a capacity of 40L. This makes it the biggest bag in our post. It also makes it a great choice for longer rides, considering they can be used for stashing more clothing and motorcycle gear.

Mounting the bag is easy. It’s equipped with two elastic straps that are designed for universal mounting. You can mount the Givi EA115BK Waterproof Duffle on the back seat or onto your luggage rack.

Accessing the interior is done from the zipper across the top. A buckle system helps keep everything strapped down in a more streamlined, aerodynamic size.

Overall, the Givi EA115BK Waterproof Duffle is our recommendation as the best adventure motorcycle tail bag. It’s a great choice if you need a tail bag for touring or longer rides. The waterproof design keeps your gear dry and 40L of space offers plenty of storage.

Riding Tribe Motorcycle Tail Bag (Best Small Motorcycle Tail Bag)

Riding Tribe Motorcycle Tail Bag

The Riding Tribe Motorcycle Tail Bag is our recommendation as the best small motorcycle tail bag. With just 12L of storage, it’s a great choice if you’re looking for something small. The size makes it ideal for shorter, local rides, commuting, and day trips.

Personally, I use a bag similar to the Riding Tribe Motorcycle Tail Bag for day trips and short rides. The 12L of storage is just enough for a water bottle and some smaller motorcycle accessories. It’s also easy to install, thanks to the simple buckle system.

The bag itself is made from a blend of leather and polyester materials. It’s water-resistant, although it’s not completely waterproof. The aerodynamic design is picturesque and helps to streamline the look of your motorcycle with the bag installed.

There’s one large zipper on the front for accessing the interior. On the inside is a soft, polyester lining. There’s also a small pocket on the interior for storing even smaller accessories.

Overall, if you’re looking for a small motorcycle tail bag, it’s the Riding Tribe Motorcycle Tail Bag that we’d recommend. It’s small, well-designed, and basic. This makes the bag right choice for shorter rides, commuting, and for day trips where you’re travelling light.

Nelson Rigg Weekender Backrest Bag

Nelson Rigg Weekender Backrest Bag

The Nelson Rigg Weekender Backrest Bag is another big motorcycle bag. When expanded, it provides up to 40L of internal storage. This is ideal for stashing your motorcycle helmet or packing gear for a weekend, multi-day trip.

The main feature of the Nelson Rigg Weekender Backrest Bag is its ability to be used as a backrest. Alternatively, it can be attached to motorcycle luggage racks, sissy bars, standard backrest, or the passenger seat. Mounting is done with a series of quick release buckles and self-fastening straps.

This bag is equipped with three main compartments. There’s the large, main compartment in the center. It also has two side compartments, for motorcycle accessories you want to quickly access.

The zippers are lockable, which helps with security. There’s also reflective piping on the outside, which helps with visibility. For poor weather conditions, it’s possible to use the included waterproof rain cover to keep the contents dry.

Overall, the Nelson Rigg Weekender Backrest Bag is a great choice if you’re looking for something with ample storage. It can also be used as a backrest, another great feature to have. For weekend rides, or even motorcycle touring, this bag should be considered.


Best Motorcycle Tail Bag Buying Guide

old baldy motorcycle photo kimberley ontario

At this point, you should have a better idea of which motorcycle tail bag you’re interested in. To help make the process even easier, we put together this helpful buying guide.

In this section, you’ll learn more about the different features to look for when it comes to finding the best tail bags for motorcycles. This way, you’ll be most prepared to find your own.

Tips For Finding a Motorcycle Tail Bag

Storage Capacity

One of the most important features of motorcycle tail bags is the storage capacity. This is related to the type of riding you do and how much storage you’ll need for your rides.

For short, local rides, day trips, and commuting, bags with a capacity of 20L or less are suitable. This is enough space for some motorcycle accessories, a change of clothes, a set of shoes, and other smaller items.

For longer trips, motorcycle touring, or longer day rides, bags of the capacity of 20L up to 40L are ideal. This gives you plenty of space for gear. Bags of this size also have enough room for a motorcycle helmet.

Before settling on a specific bag, determine how much storage capacity you’ll need. Don’t forget about motorcycle tank bags either. These can also be used for storing small accessories that are easily accessible. Check out our post on the best motorcycle tank bag for more information.


Next up on the features to consider is the mounting system and installation. All of the bags we recommended use a system of straps for mounting. Straps make it easy to attach or remove the bag from your motorcycle.

Some bags even come equipped with quick-release straps, making removal even easier. Look for a grippy material on the bottom of the bag. This helps to prevent it from sliding around while you’re riding.

Another thing to consider is lockable zippers. These are ideal if you’re stashing your helmet in the bag or if you live in a high-crime area.


By looking at the design and reading other user reviews, you can get a better idea of the stability of any bag you’re interested in. Smaller bags seem flimsy, although they use back seat or a luggage rack as a stable base. Bigger bags should come with a dedicated, hard base to help keep everything stable.

Stability is important when you’re riding because you don’t want the bag to fall off on the road or highway. Always double-check that the straps are secure. With a new bag, check it regularly until you’re confident with how it stays secure on your bike.


If you’re commuting by motorcycle or someone that rides a lot in poor conditions, you’re going to want a waterproof motorcycle tail bag. Most of our recommendations are either waterproof or come with a rain cover.

Generally, tail bags are designed to be water resistant. This is fine for light rain, though you’ll want something stronger if you’re planning on getting caught in a downpour. Look for options with waterproof rain covers and you’ll be fine.

Additional Features

While we’ve gone over the main features to look for, there are some additional features worth considering. This includes things like quick-release buckles, reflective piping, side pockets, and premium materials.

Depending on your budget and what you’re interested in, these are some features to consider. Despite that, even the cheap motorcycle tail bags are practical enough for most riders.

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