The 7+ Surprising Benefits of Riding Dirt Bikes

riding honda crf250l offroad

A dirt bike is a motorcycle designed for off-road use. These types of bikes are designed for riding on dirt and sand, hence the name ‘dirt bike’. Since they typically have a wider tire, they can be ridden both on and off road.

In this post we will cover seven reasons why you should consider using a dirt bike as your main form of transportation or as a fun, exciting way to get around town. We’ll look at things like gas mileage, environmental impact, safety and more.

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1. Gas Mileage

Gas mileage is one of the most important factors of owning a vehicle, especially for those of us who ride our bikes everyday.

A lot of motorcycles get upwards of 80 miles per gallon, which makes them a more efficient way to get from point A to point B. In addition, newer models can last for upwards of 10 years or more.

With smaller engines and overall builds, dirt bikes are surprisingly fuel efficient. Assuming you’re riding responsibly, you’ll be able to get some pretty good gas mileage out of your dirt bike, especially compared to a car.

Even if you’re hammering on the throttle, the fuel usage remains pretty reasonable. This has got to be one of the biggest benefits of riding a dirt bike, especially if you’re budget conscious but you want a fun way to get around.

2. Safety

Maintaining control on a bike is easier because of its smaller size, which makes it more manageable in situations where you have less traction.

Many of our posts cover how to maintain control of your motorcycle if you are experiencing slippage or if your bike starts to fall over for whatever reason.

When you combine your ability to manage your bike with the fact that dirt bikes don’t use tons of fuel, it becomes easy to make the argument that they provide a safer experience for everyone on the road.

Another interesting fact is that you sit a lot higher on a dirt bike compared to other bikes and standard vehicles. This gives you a better vantage point on the road and can help to make things safer for you when you’re riding in traffic.

3. Performance

Performance is another factor in which dirt bikes tend to be better than their street counterparts. Obviously, this is all dependent upon how well your motorcycle is maintained and how well you are able to handle your particular model.

When you’re off road, there’s always the old two-stroke vs four-stroke debate to consider. However, if you’re doing some gentle off-road riding or spending most of your time on the street, you will definitely enjoy the performance of most dirt bikes.

The engines are typically tuned to provide low end torque. This gives you a lot of grunt and makes it fun to go full throttle, even at slower speeds.

4. Size

Dirt bikes, like other smaller vehicles such as scooters and motorcycles, take up less space on the road and in parking lots. This means that drivers will need to spend less time looking for a place to park and, therefore, won’t need to spend as much money on gas to get where they’re going.

It also means that you can travel without worrying about spending tons of money on things such as parking tickets or having your bike impounded. With the smaller size, it’s easier to find a motorcycle storage solution for your dirt bike.

They’ll easily slide between your car and the wall in the garage or they can be tucked away somewhere in the backyard. Don’t forget to use a motorcycle ground anchor though if you’re planning to store your dirt bike outdoors for any extended period of time.

5. Ease of Use

Dirt bikes are all about ease of use. They are easier to ride than many motorcycles on the market, which means that you will be enjoying your time on the road more.

They’re comfortable to ride on the road and they’re a blast to take off-road. While most people will have two different bikes, there are plenty of dirt bikes that will do it all, regardless of the conditions you’re riding in.

6. Flexibility

Flexibility is one of the most important aspects of using a dirt bike. Most of these bikes are designed to be used for short distances, so they will work well for trips that take you into or out of town or to places that aren’t too far away from where you live.

7. They’re SUPER Fun to Ride

It’s no secret that dirt bikes are a ton of fun to ride. But it might take some explaining as to why they are so much more exciting than other types of two-wheeled vehicles. Dirt bikes are made for purpose, specifically for off-road racing.

They have heavy duty suspensions, big powerful engines, and often times stronger frames than other types of bikes. This allows the rider to go over obstacles that would be impossible on any other type of bike or vehicle. That’s what makes them so much fun.

If you want to do something different and have a blast doing it, try dirt bikes. You don’t have to take it off the track, but if you do, there’s less chance of getting hurt than on any other type of bike. (You still might get hurt, but your chances are much lower.) This is because dirt bikes can take corners and jump obstacles that would leave most other types of vehicles in the dust.

So there you have it – 7 reasons why you should consider using a dirt bike as your main form of transportation or as an extension to your present sport.

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