The 5+ BEST Motorcycle Ground Anchors (Reviews) in 2021

When it comes to properly securing your motorcycle outdoors or in your motorcycle garage, it’s a good idea to use a ground anchor. These act as a deterrent to thieves and allow you to secure your bike to an immovable object.

Riders parking their bikes outside overnight, keeping them in a parking garage, or even in your home garage, could benefit from using one of these. They’re designed to bolt into the floor, making it nearly impossible to remove a properly secured bike.

When used with a motorcycle lock and locking chain, the best motorcycle ground anchors offer superior security for any motorcycle. This gives you the peace of mind you need when your bike is parked out of sight.

In this post, we’ll be looking at some of the best-rated and most recommended ground anchors for motorcycles. This should help you find the right one to use for your own motorbike securement purposes. Let’s jump right into it!

Best Motorcycle Ground Anchors

ABUS Granit WBA 100 Floor Anchor (Best Motorcycle Ground Anchor Overall)

ABUS Granit WBA 100

The ABUS Granit WBA 100 Floor Anchor is what we recommend as the best motorcycle ground anchor for most riders. This is the best choice if you’re looking to secure your motorcycle in your garage, underground parking, or anywhere outdoors.

The ABUS Ground Anchor comes equipped with a 16mm round shackle. It’s made from a special hardened steel, which provides the highest resistance against theft and tampering.

The design of this anchor allows it to be easily installed anywhere that will permit. Don’t forget you’ll need a special drill bit for drilling into concrete or hard pavement.

Not only can this anchor be mounted on the floor, it can also be mounted on the wall. Thanks to the weather proved design, it’s possible to install the WBA 100 outdoors without having to worry about rust or weather damage.

Overall, the ABUS Granit WBA 100 Floor Anchor stands as our top recommendation has the best motorcycle ground anchor. It’s easy to install, durable, and weatherproof, making it a great choice for a wide range of motorcycle security applications.

Oxford OF439 BruteForce Anchor

Oxford OF439 BruteForce

Our next recommendation would be the Oxford OF439 BruteForce Anchor. This is a great choice if you’re looking for something small and discreet.

The Oxford OF439 BruteForce Anchor is made from a hardened steel material. It even comes with hardened steel bolts for added security and durability.

What we like about this anchor is that the bolts are protected by a ball bearing and remain covered when a lock is being used. This makes it even more difficult to saw through a chain or lock and make away with a motorcycle.

As for sawing through the anchor, the Oxford OF439 BruteForce Anchor passes the 5 minute attack test. This means it’s saw resistant for at least 5 minutes.

Installation is simple with the hardware and Allen key included. Thanks to the weatherproof design, this anchor can be mounted on the floor outdoors for exterior security. It’s also possible to mount it on the wall depending on your preferences.

Overall, if you’re looking for an affordable and reliable garage floor anchor, it’s the Oxford OF439 BruteForce Anchor that we would recommend. Oxford is well known for their high-quality motorcycle accessories so it’s easy for us to recommend this product.

Kryptonite 16mm Stronghold Anchor

Kryptonite 16mm

The Kryptonite 16mm Stronghold Anchor is another great choice for anchoring your motorcycle. This one can be used in both residential and commercial applications for superior motorbike security.

The Kryptonite 16mm Stronghold Anchor comes equipped with a 16mm, hardened carbon alloy steel shackle. This is extremely difficult to saw through, acting as an amazing deterrent to would-be motorcycle thieves.

The anchor is easy to install with everything included, such as the masonry bits and hardware. As for the hardware, this setup uses ⅝-inch cement anchor bolts that can be installed directly into the cement.

When it comes to installation, it’s possible to install this into a concrete floor or into the wall. The weatherproof design means it can be used in all outdoor weather conditions.

Overall, if you’re looking for a high-quality and durable anchor, it’s the Kryptonite 16mm Stronghold Anchor that we would recommend. While it is on the expensive side, it’s hard to put a price on motorcycle security and it’s cheaper to use this than to replace your bike.

Oxford Terra Force Ground Anchor

Oxford Terra Force

The Oxford Terra Force Ground Anchor is another great concrete anchor from Oxford. This provides a simple and easy to use solution for securely locking up your motorcycle outdoors or in the garage.

Unlike our other recommendations, this is meant to be installed into the ground. The case hardened steel design makes it a great choice for preventing theft and keeping your bike secure.

When it comes to security, this anchor takes advantage of a 26mm diameter case. This is wider than all of our other recommendations, making this ideal if you’re parking your bike in high traffic and high crime areas.

Keep in mind that installation of the Oxford Terra Force Ground Anchor can be tricky. You’ll need to use a few specialized tools as well as some ready-mix concrete. However, this will provide you with one of the most secure ways of locking your bike up outdoors.

Overall, the Oxford Terra Force Ground Anchor is a great choice if you’re looking for the ultimate in concrete anchor security. With this bad boy installed, it would be extremely difficult for someone to remove it and make off with your bike.

Oxford OF440 Double Layered Anchor

Oxford OF440

Yet another recommendation from Oxford, the Oxford OF440 Double Layered Anchor is what you recommend if you’re looking for additional security over the original OF439 we mentioned above. This one comes with a double layer hardened steel, which provides twice the security.

Speaking of security, there are five security mechanisms with this anchor that stand between a thief and your motorcycle. This includes four high-security bolts, four anti-tamper ball bearings, and four steel plugs.

All of these combined make it nearly impossible to remove a motorcycle that’s locked up to this anchor. Thanks to the design, it can be installed outdoors and indoors depending on your preferences and requirements.

Having easily passed the 5-minute attack test, we definitely have to recommend to the Oxford OF440 Double Layered Anchor. This provides an unmatched level of security that will definitely keep your bike safe and secure in most instances.

Best Motorcycle Ground Anchor Buying Guide

triumph motorcycle

In this section, we put together a helpful buying guide to make it easier for you to find the right ground anchor. Let’s take a look at the different types of anchors as well as some helpful tips for installation.

Ground or Wall Plate Motorcycle Anchor

These are the most popular type of motorcycle anchors. They typically come with a square or round plate design and are meant to be installed into the concrete floor or wall.

Installation isn’t difficult, assuming you have the right hardware to drill a hole into concrete. All of the bolts you would need for installation are included in most kits.

One main drawback to this style is that its possible to pry the anchor out of the ground. However, this takes time and would make a lot of noise, which is bound to alert you to a possible motorcycle theft.

The best feature of this style is that they can be mounted in the ground or on the wall. This gives riders a lot of versatility with where to install the anchor.

Concrete Motorcycle Ground Anchors

This style of anchor is designed to be installed directly into the concrete. They need to be installed into the ground, with some of them requiring additional concrete to be poured.

These provide the best level of security, although they can be difficult to install if you don’t have the right tools or experience. However, removing one of these from the ground is nearly impossible, a great theft deterrent.

This style of anchor isn’t as versatile, though it provides a higher level of security. It’s up to you to decide whether you’re looking for more flexibility or better security, although both are better than no security at all.

How to Install a Motorcycle Ground Anchor

Installing a ground anchor for your motorcycle isn’t difficult, although it requires some experience and a few tools. Start by checking out YouTube to see if there are any specific videos for the anchor you’re using. Otherwise, here are some helpful steps on how to install a ground anchor.

  1. Start by finding a solid concrete floor or wall, with at least 10cm of depth. Determine whether or not the wall or floor is strong enough to withhold the bolts. Avoid anchoring the anchor into bricks or other weaker materials.
  2. Using the proper drill and drill bit, drill into the concrete according to the recommendations in the instructions.
  3. Position the anchor where you want it mounted on the ground or floor.
  4. Using the included hardware, install the anchor properly. Tighten everything up with the proper tools after hand tightening for the right placement.
  5. Give the anchor a hard shake and try it out to ensure that it has been installed correctly.

Best Ground Anchor FAQ

Can You Bolt a Ground Anchor to the Wall?

Yes, most anchors can be mounted to both the floor and the wall. As long as the mounting material is durable enough to withstand the installation, it’s possible to mount it there.

The main drawback to wall mounting is that it’s possible for a thief to knock the anchor off the wall with a sledgehammer. If this is made difficult or impossible, there’s no issue with wall mounting.

Can Ground Anchors be Removed Once Installed?

Yes, it’s possible to remove an anchor once it has been installed. However, this is a difficult and time-consuming process.

Installation is easy, although by design removal is difficult. That’s because ball bearings are typically hammered into the bolts, making them extremely difficult to remove.

This helps to act as a theft deterrent. On the other hand, it makes it difficult to remove, even if you have the right tools and are trying to do so legally.

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