The 3+ BEST Winter Motorcycle Jackets (Reviews) in 2021

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Once the cold weather starts approaching most riders start thinking about how to winterize their motorcycles. These days, with such high quality gear available, there’s no need to cut the riding season short prematurely.

With the right winter motorcycle jacket you can get away with riding a lot longer, assuming the road is dry. In this post we put together a list of the best winter motorcycle jackets that you can find online.

Hopefully our post saves you time from having to do your own research and you find some great options. Don’t forget to scroll past our recommendations for an in-depth buying guide and FAQ.

Otherwise, let’s jump right into it!

The Best Winter Motorcycle Jackets in 2021

Tourmaster Transition Series 4 Touring Jacket (Best Winter Motorcycle Jacket Overall)

The Tourmaster Transition Series 4 Touring Jacket is our top recommendation as the best winter motorcycle jacket for most riders. This is a 4-season jacket designed to keep you warm and dry during cold and wet weather.

The exterior is made from a 600 denier synthetic Carbolex material. This helps to keep out the wind and rain so that you’re kept dry underneath.

There’s even an aqua-barrier that’s designed to prevent moisture from seeping into the collar area off of your helmet. This is a great feature for keeping your base layers dry and preventing water from trickling down your back or neck when you’re riding in the rain.

Throughout the jacket you’ll find pipeline venting with easily accessible pinch vents. These are designed to provide excellent ventilation when they’re open while offering ample waterproofing when they’re closed.

When it comes to protection, this jacket features shoulder pads, elbow pads, and a back pad. There’s also extra stitching and fabric in the elbows to prevent the jacket from tearing through from abrasion if you happen to get thrown from the bike.

Thanks to the adjustment straps at the waist and wrists, it’s easy to adjust this jacket for a better fit. It can also be tightened to prevent wind and rain from blowing up into the jacket when you’re riding.

One more feature worth mentioning is that this jacket comes with plenty of pockets for storing your smaller accessories, like your smartphone or wallet. This is a great feature to have since you don’t have to rely on motorcycle luggage to bring smaller items with you.

Overall, whether your motorcycle commuting, going on cool-weather day trips, or looking for a cold-weather touring jacket, the Tourmaster Transition Series 4 Touring Jacket is our top recommendation. This is a great choice for the best winter motorcycle jacket to keep you warm and dry during those cold riding months.

HWK Adventure Jacket

The HWK Adventure Jacket is another great choice if you’re looking for a motorcycle jacket for winter riding. We mention this model in our post on the best adventure motorcycle jackets and find it to be suitable for winter riding as well.

This is designed to be an all-season motorbike jacket that will keep you warm during the winter and cool during the summer. It’s 100% waterproof and comes with a breathable inner membrane for keeping you dry and comfortable on those wet and rainy days.

For protection, there is CE approved armor on the back, elbows, and shoulders. The jacket is also available in a neon-yellow color, which can help with visibility on those low-light or overcast days.

On the inside is a detachable insulated thermal liner. This helps keep you warm during the winter and can be easily removed during the summer to use this as a summer riding jacket.

To help with quality and protection, the jacket has double safety stitching at all of the main points. There’s even action stretch in the shoulders and elbows to make it more comfortable to wear and to increase your range of motion when you’re riding.

When it comes to storage, the HWK Adventure Jacket has two external pockets as well as an inner mobile pocket for your smartphone. It also comes with arm and waist adjusters so you can customize the fit while preventing wind and moisture from blowing up the sleeves or back.

Overall, if you’re on a budget, it’s the HWK Adventure Jacket that we would recommend as a great option for winter riding. It’s reasonably priced and comes with the features you’d want to stay warm and dry during those winter riding months.

HHR Textile Motorcycle Jacket

The HHR Textile Motorcycle Jacket is another great option for winter riding and another recommendation we have from HWK. This is also a four-season jacket that can be used comfortably during the winter and summer months.

As a textile jacket, the outside is made of a 600D Cordura material. It’s rugged and strong yet soft and comfortable to the touch, making it ideal for riding with.

When it comes to protection, there is CE approved armor in shoulders, elbows, and on the back. There’s also double safety stitching on all of the key flex points, which offers further protection in the event of a crash or accident.

The jacket is completely waterproof with its 100% waterproof outer shell. On the inside is a removable thermal liner that helps keep you warm in the winter and can be easily removed during the summer.

Also worth mentioning are the two external pockets and inner pocket for smartphones. There’s an air ventilation system to help with air flow as well as arm and waist adjusters for getting that custom fit.

Overall, the HHR Textile Motorcycle Jacket is another great choice if you’re looking for a motorcycle jacket that can be used for winter riding. Make sure to size one size bigger so you can easily fit a sweater or other base layers underneath.

Why You Need a Winter Motorcycle Jacket

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With a normal motorcycle jacket, or even a summer motorcycle jacket, you’re not going to be very comfortable once the temperatures start to drop. Even if you’re using heated motorcycle grips or other heated motorcycle gear, without the right jacket you’re going to be freezing.

Winter jackets for motorcycle riding are designed to keep you warm when it’s cold outside. They help to block the wind while keeping you warm and dry thanks to the internal liner.

The outer layer is typically water-resistant or waterproof, which prevents you from getting wet if you happen to get stuck riding in the rain or snow. This way you can ride comfortably without shivering uncontrollably or arriving soaking wet.


Another important reason to wear a motorcycle jacket for winter riding is for safety. The jacket is one of the most important pieces of motorcycle safety gear that you need to be wearing whenever you’re on the bike.

With a jacket your upper body is protected from the impact if you happen to get into a crash or accident. They come with padding on the shoulders, elbows, and even the spine to help prevent any injuries.

Easy to Maintain

Unlike summer jackets, winter jackets are specifically designed to be used in harsh conditions. They’re more durable overall and don’t require any extra upkeep or ongoing maintenance.

You also probably won’t be sweating as much during the winter. This means you don’t need to clean the jacket as often.

Types of Winter Motorcycle Jackets


Adventure motorcycle jackets are the most versatile and practical type you can buy. They’re typically designed to be used in a wide range of different weather conditions, including rain, wind, and snow.

With the jacket as versatile as these ones, there’s no need to buy multiple jackets to use for different riding seasons. Most of them come with inner liners that can easily be removed for summer and warm weather riding.

Another benefit is that adventure jackets tend to be more comfortable, better suited for long journeys, and can even be used for riding off-road. This makes them a great choice for most people, especially if you’ll be riding in a wide range of different conditions.


Another popular type of winter apparel are sportbike jackets. These are designed to conform to your body when you’re riding a sportbike in the forward position.

The jacket fits closely to your body while providing riders with all the range of motion needed for a comfortable sport bike riding experience. The downside is that they tend to be shorter and it can be difficult to wear layers underneath, such as a warmer sweater.

On the other hand, they typically come with plenty of safety features and padding. This is great for keeping riders safe, especially when it gets dark earlier during the winter.


There are also cruiser jackets to choose from, which tend to be slim, compact, and tight fitting. Most of them take advantage of a minimalist design that combines protection with sophistication and style.

Cruiser jackets are typically made from leather, which is a great material for protection in case of a crash or accident. There are also a lot of different options to choose from when it comes to style, textiles, and color choices.

While we would still recommend going with a dedicated winter or adventure jacket, cruiser jackets are a great alternative. The styling of them makes it possible to wear them off your motorcycle depending on where you’re headed.

How Much Do Winter Motorcycle Jackets Cost?

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Less Than $50

You probably won’t find too many great options for jackets in this price range. The options you do find likely won’t be suitable for much winter riding.

These also won’t have the best waterproofing and won’t be great for using in the rain. The materials will be lower quality as well and you probably won’t find anything durable or reliable for long-term use.

$50 to $100

At this price point you’ll be able to find some better quality jackets that have some decent features for winter riding. Some of these features would include pockets, better waterproofing, and even an interior liner at the higher end of this price range.

Other options will include protective padding and better quality stitching. If you’re on a tight budget, you can still find some great options in this price range to use for winter riding.

$100 and Up

Expect to spend at least $100 to start getting into the best winter motorcycle jackets. These will come with a lot of features, many of which are specifically designed to keep you warm.

Other features would include reflective strips, additional pockets, and flexible materials. You can also expect them to be fully waterproof with a removable inner liner that’s better for keeping you warm.

Key Features


Any winter jacket needs to be both waterproof and windproof. This usually comes in the form of a waterproof base layer that prevents the outer shell from getting wet.

With this feature the jacket won’t feel wet and you won’t be getting wet if you happen to get stuck in the rain or snow. It also helps to prevent the jacket from becoming waterlogged, which would make it heavy and less effective at keeping you warm.

Some jackets come with removable waterproof liners, which can be easily cleaned after the riding season. This is a great feature to have as the liner can be removed during the warmer riding months so you can wear the jacket year round.

Insulating Layer

Most winter motorcycle jackets also come with an inner thermal liner, which retains heat and helps keep you warm when you’re riding in cold conditions. This layer also prevents any wind from entering the jacket so you don’t get a chill from the wind and you’re not getting sweaty or clammy.

Other features worth mentioning include the jacket being made from a breathable mesh material. This allows body odor to escape through the vents and prevents you from sweating from a lack of ventilation.


Since you’ll be wearing the jacket when you’re riding, it’s important that it comes with protective features. These protective features include padding on the elbows, shoulders, and spine.

With this padding you’ll be protected if you happen to get thrown from the bike or get involved in a crash or accident. It doesn’t hurt to look for jackets that come with multiple layers of material, such as Kevlar or Cordura, which offers further protection.

Fit and Comfort

Double check the manufacturer sizing chart when you’re shopping for a new jacket. Make sure to do the measurements beforehand so you can find one that fits properly.

Also consider that the material a jacket is made from affects the flexibility and how much range of motion you have. Look for jackets that are designed so you can comfortably control your motorcycle without any restrictions from the material.


Most motorcycles don’t come with enough storage space. Many riders are probably using motorcycle tank bags, saddlebags, motorcycle backpacks, or some other form of storage.

Look for a jacket that has both internal and external pockets. This makes a lot easier to stash your smaller accessories, such as a smartphone, motorcycle keys, or wallet when you’re riding.

Reflective Strips

During the winter months the sun rises later and sets earlier in the day. If you’re motorcycle commuting then you’ll probably end up riding in the dark at some point.

This means it’s a good idea to have reflective strips on your jacket, which can help improve your visibility in low light conditions. They allow for the car lights to reflect on the jacket, making it easy for other drivers to see you in the dark.

Helpful Tips

  • As we already mentioned, start by looking at the product sizing chart when you’re trying to decide on a size for your jacket. Next, use a measuring tape to measure your chest, waist, and sleeves. Compare these measurements to the sizing chart to find the right size.
  • The best winter motorcycle jacket is going to be made from durable and rugged materials. Take a look at the reviews to see what other people have to say about the overall quality and reliability of a specific jacket you’re interested in. Don’t forget to look for something that comes with armor or padding for extra protection
  • Those of you planning to ride often throughout the winter should look for a jacket that comes with a number of pockets. This is more convenient riding with your smartphone, wallet, and keys as opposed to relying on bulky motorcycle luggage.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Should You Measure Yourself Before Buying a Winter Motorcycle Jacket?

Yes, always measure yourself using a measuring tape before buying a jacket. This way you can refer to the sizing chart on the product page to find one that’s the proper size.

Otherwise, there’s a chance you could find one that’s too big or too small. Don’t forget to look at the reviews to see what people have to say about the sizing as well.

How Do You Know if You’re Getting a Good Quality Winter Motorcycle Jacket?

The most important features to look for or durability and warmth. A jacket should be comfortable to wear and spacious enough so you can wear layers underneath.

It should also be made from durable materials and include protective features. Check that you’re getting something waterproof and windproof to help keep you warm and dry.

Are All-Weather Motorcycle Jackets Good for Winter Riding?

Yes, there are some jackets that are created for a wide range of weather conditions. Adventure motorcycle jackets typically come with an inner layer that helps to keep you warm and dry in the winter.

During the summer it’s possible to remove the liner, open the vents, and use it as a summer jacket. However, if you’ll be riding a lot during the winter, look for a winter jacket for motorcycle riding as opposed to an all-weather one.

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