The 5+ BEST Mesh Motorcycle Jackets (Reviews) in 2021

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There are plenty of different kinds of motorcycle jackets to choose from. The problem is that choosing the best one can be tricky.

Leather and textile motorcycle jackets are the most popular, although they’re not ideal for summer and warm weather riding. Instead, you’ll want to invest in the best mesh motorcycle jacket for riding in these conditions.

Mesh jackets are breathable and allow air to flow through the jacket itself. This keeps you cooler on warm weather and summer rides and greatly improves your ventilation.

With a mesh motorbike jacket you’re able to stay cool and dry instead of getting covered in sweat, all while enjoying the jacket protection. In this post, we’re going to take a look at the best mesh motorcycle jackets on the market that we recommend.

Let’s jump right into it!

The Best Mesh Motorcycle Jacket

Joe Rocket Phoenix 5.0 Motorcycle Jacket (Best Mesh Motorcycle Jacket Overall)

Joe Rocket Phoenix 5.0 Motorcycle Jacket

The Joe Rocket Phoenix 5.0 Motorcycle Jacket is our top recommendation as the best mesh motorcycle jacket overall. We’re big fans of the Joe Rocket brand and find it to be the ideal blend of price, value, and quality.

This jacket is an amazing choice for summer riding if you want to stay cool, dry, and ventilated. It comes with mesh on the front, back, and arms for optimal airflow.

Despite the mesh design, this jacket still offers plenty of protection and body armor. It’s equipped with armor pads at the shoulders, elbows, and lower back designed to protect your core in case of a crash or accident.

When it comes to fit, the jacket has adjustable straps on the elbows and waist to help give you a better fit. There’s also zippers on the arms, making it easier to put on your motorcycle gloves.

Also worth mentioning are the 3 pockets, including an additional pocket for your sunglasses. There’s even a zipper-secured removable waterproof liner, ideal for wearing in the rain or cooler temperatures.

Overall, all of these features, along with the build quality and value make the Joe Rocket Phoenix 5.0 Motorcycle Jacket a great choice. This is definitely our number one recommendation if you’re in the market for the best mesh motorcycle jacket.

Viking Cycle Ironside Motorcycle Mesh Jacket (Best Cheap Mesh Motorcycle Jacket)

Viking Cycle Ironside Motorcycle Mesh Jacket

The Viking Cycle Ironside Motorcycle Mesh Jacket is a great choice if you’re in the market for the best cheap mesh motorcycle jacket. This jacket features a simple and affordable design while offering decent protection.

The jacket comes with mesh on the front, back, and arms, making it breathable and providing the rider with great airflow on warmer days. To further help with ventilation, there is a zipper chest air vent.

When it comes to fit, this jacket is both functional and comfortable. It’s equipped with an adjustable waist, adjustable arm buttons, and adjustable velcro on the collar.

For protection, there is armor on the back as well as reflective piping on the shoulder, chest, and back for better visibility. It’s possible to buy additional CE armor and slide it into pockets inside the jacket if you’re looking for more protection.

There are multiple inner pockets, ideal for storing your sunglasses, wallet, or smaller accessories. In total there are three inner pockets as well as four outer zippered pockets for lots of storage options.

Overall, if you’re looking for a cheap mesh motorcycle jacket, it’s hard to go wrong with the Viking Cycle Ironside Motorcycle Mesh Jacket. Not only is it affordable, it’s comfortable to wear, loaded with features, and will keep you cool and dry during warmer riding conditions.

Harley-Davidson Trenton Riding Jacket

Harley-Davidson Trenton Riding Jacket

The Harley-Davidson Trenton Riding Jacket is perfect if you’re looking for a summer motorcycle jacket to wear with your Harley-Davidson. This is the official jacket from Harley, with the big logo on the front and the classic Harley-Davidson colors.

The jacket takes advantage of a mesh design, for optimal air flow. Mesh can be found on the front, back, and arms of the jacket to help increase ventilation and keep you cool while riding.

Built with a lightweight construction, it’s equipped with reinforced shoulders and elbows for protection. It also comes with pre curved sleeves and adjustable waist tabs to provide you with a better fit.

To make the jacket even safer, there are body armor pockets at the elbows and shoulders. It’s possible to use your own motorcycle body armor, although this will make the jacket bulkier.

When it comes to storage, there are both easily accessible exterior and interior pockets. There’s also a pocket on the inside with a media port, so you can easily ride with headphones.

Overall, Harley-Davidson fans will find the Harley-Davidson Trenton Riding Jacket to be the best choice as a mesh motorbike jacket. It’s well-designed, comfortable to wear, and has the Harley branding you’re probably looking for.

HWK Mesh Motorcycle Jacket

HWK Mesh Motorcycle Jacket

Another great choice is the HWK Mesh Motorcycle Jacket, although sizing and availability can be tricky. Despite that, this is a great summer motorcycle jacket if you’re looking for something lightweight and well-ventilated.

The HWK Mesh Motorcycle Jacket features a mesh and cordura construction. To help with its breathability, it comes with mesh on the front, back, and arms for optimal air flow.

There is extra padding on the main impact areas, including the elbows and shoulders. It also comes with CE armored shoulders and elbows as well as a high density foam back protector.

When it comes to fit, there are both arm and waist adjusters. There’s also a soft collar with a velcro closure to help prevent wind and debris from blowing down the jacket while you’re riding.

As for storage, there are two external pockets as well as one inner pocket. For safety, it’s fully reflective to help with nighttime visibility.

Overall, the HWK Mesh Motorcycle Jacket is a simple yet practical choice if you’re looking for a cheap mesh motorcycle jacket. It’s durable, comfortable to wear, and reasonably priced when compared to some of the higher-end brands.

Helpful Tips

man wearing motorcycle jacket

Mesh motorcycle jackets are designed to keep you cooler while you’re riding. They offer better ventilation while coming with the same, or similar protection that you would find in a standard jacket. To avoid sweating or overheating on warm summer days, these are a great choice.

For riding during cooler weather, or during the winter months, a mesh jacket isn’t necessary. Some of them come with a removable liner. However the liner is more for late spring or early fall days. Consider getting a standard motorcycle jacket for riding during the cooler months.

Before starting your ride, check that any of your accessories are safely secured in the right pockets. This includes things like your smartphone, wallet, or house keys. Consider using a motorcycle tank bag to stash these items to prevent your jacket from getting too bulky.

Along with a jacket, don’t forget to wear your motorcycle gloves and motorcycle helmet. This is the best gear to wear to protect yourself in case of a crash or accident.


Do All Mesh Motorcycle Jackets Come with a Removable Liner?

No, not every jacket comes with a liner. For summer riding, a liner generally isn’t necessary. Check the product specifications or manufacture description to see if a liner is included. Generally, the liner is necessary for riding during colder months. Many riders prefer to buy a second jacket that’s better equipped at keeping you warm when it’s cold.

How Do You Wash a Mesh Motorbike Jacket?

It’s possible to put your mesh jacket into the washing machine. This is in stark contrast to leather, which is difficult to wash and tedious to maintain. Don’t forget to check the tag to make sure you can wash the fabric. also, remove the inner liner and armor pads before you toss it into the washing machine.

What Size Jacket Do You Need?

Most jackets will have a sizing chart to help you find the right size. Always refer to this chart before randomly buying something online. Using a tape measure, measure the right areas to find the proper jacket that fits. Also, consider that you may be wearing additional clothing underneath, so it doesn’t hurt to go with a bigger size.

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