The 7+ BEST Motorcycle Pants & Best Motorcycle Riding Jeans (Reviews)

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The best motorcycle pants are going to be comfortable, durable, and able to protect you in case of a crash or accident. Had I been wearing a pair when I crashed my Honda CBR250R, I would have walked away with a few bruises. Instead, I was left with a nasty scar, a torn meniscus, and permanent nerve damage.

I’m not trying to scare you, however, it’s important that you wear motorcycle safety gear whenever you’re riding. Part of the gear you should be wearing includes motorcycle pants. These are designed to protect your knees and legs in the event something happens when you’re on the bike.

Most riders will overlook motorcycle riding jeans and pants for a pair of normal jeans. Those of you looking for additional safety and protection, this post is for you. In this post, we’re going to take a look at the best motorcycle pants and riding jeans to help keep you safe out on the bike.

The Best Motorcycle Pants and Motorcycle Riding Jeans in 2021

If you’re not aware, motorcycle pants and riding jeans are specifically designed to protect your legs when you’re riding. They’re made using Kevlar, and other thick materials, better known for being strong and durable.

Their purpose is to protect you from serious abrasions and injuries if you get thrown from the bike or involved in an accident. They’re also designed to be comfortable, flexible, and relatively enjoyable to wear when you’re out on a ride.

Let’s take a look at some of the top rated motorcycle pants. This post should help you become informed on the different highly rated options available.

Joe Rocket Phoenix Ion Pants (Best Motorcycle Pants for Most Riders)

joe rocket phoenix ion pants

As a big fan of Joe Rocket, it’s easy for me to recommend the Joe Rocket Phoenix Ion Pants. In my opinion, these are the best motorcycle pants for most riders. These are lightweight, equipped with ample protection, and the mesh design is perfect for warm weather riding.

Instead of relying on heavy leather or denim, these pants take advantage of a lightweight mesh design. This helps with airflow while providing you the protection you want when you’re out on the bike. During the warmer summer months, especially with the hot engine rumbling beneath you, it’s important to have something that keeps you cool and ventilated.

When it comes to protection, these pants have both knee and hip armour. This is ideal as your knees are one of the main points of impact when you get thrown from the bike. The hip armor also helps if you get tossed and start sliding along the pavement.

As for durability, these pants are equipped with both seat and hip reinforcements. On the lower leg area is a melt resistant material to prevent the pants from melting from your hot engine or exhaust. There’s even a practical expansion panel on the hips, knees, and tailbone that makes it easier for you to move around.

Other great features include various visibility panels, inseam leg zippers for easy access, to external pockets, and an adjustable waistband. It’s also possible to attach these pants to one of your Joe Rocket jackets.

Overall, it’s definitely the Joe Rocket Phoenix Ion Pants that I would recommend as the best motorcycle pants for most riders. Not only are they well-reviewed, but they’re lightweight, comfortable to wear, and equipped with the practical features you need for safety.

HWK Motorcycle Pants

HWK Motorcycle Pants

The HWK Motorcycle Pants my next recommendation as another great choice if you’re looking for the best cheap motorcycle pants. HWK is a relatively new brand, though they have grown popular with their high quality motorcycle gear. As for these motorbike pants, they’re durable, packed with features, and offer ample protection for riders.

When it comes to protection, the HWK Motorcycle Pants come with armor in the knees as well as hip protectors. This helps to protect your lower body in case of a crash or accident. They also have reflective stitching and piping, which helps with low light visibility for night riding.

For comfort, the HWK Motorcycle Pants offer a range of practical features. They come with air ventilation zips to keep you cool and dry in warm weather. On the legs you’ll find extra long side zips at the ankles making it easy to slide the pants over your boots. There’s 4 external pockets as well as a waist connection zip so you can attach your own motorcycle jacket.

As for the build quality, these pants come are made with a polyester outer shell. They’re 100% waterproof, great if you’re planning to ride in wet or rainy conditions. There’s double reinforced safety stitching that helps with both safety and durability. Finally, most riders will love the waist adjustability thanks to the velcro side straps for a better fit.

Overall, the HWK Motorcycle Pants are a great choice if you’re looking for riding pants. Compared to our top Joe Rocket recommendation, you’ll probably want these if you’re looking for something waterproof. Otherwise, they’re comfortable to wear, durably designed, and equipped with the safety features you want when you’re on the road.

HWK Mesh Motorcycle Pants (Best Summer Motorcycle Pants)

hwk mesh motorcycle pants

The HWK Mesh Motorcycle Pants are a great choice if you’re looking for the best summer motorcycle pants. Thanks to the lightweight, mesh design, these pants are well suited for warm weather riding. With plenty of ventilation, as well as ample protection, you’ll want to wear a pair of these for your summer riding experiences.

When it comes to design, these pants feature an outer shell made from a lightweight, mesh fabric. It’s 100% breathable, keeping you warm and dry on those hot, humid summer days. There’s even air ventilation on both the front and back of the pants.

For protection, the HWK Mesh Motorcycle Pants are equipped with CE armored knees and side protectors. They’re put together with safety stitching that doesn’t just disintegrate apart once you hit the ground. Finally, there’s hi-vis piping and reflective patches, keeping you visible in low light and dark riding conditions.

When it comes to comfort, these are a comfortable and practically designed pair of summer motorcycle pants. They’re equipped with velcro side straps for easy waist adjustability. there’s adjustable side Zips at the ankles, making it easier to get your motorcycle boots on. Finally, they have 4 external pockets where you can store your accessories, phone, or wallet when you’re off the bike.

Overall, these are a great pair of motorcycle pants if you’re looking for something suitable for warm weather and summer riding. The mesh design helps with ventilation and keeps you cool and dry when you’re out on the bike. With decent reviews from an up-and-coming motorcycle brand, I have no problem recommending the HWK Mesh Motorcycle Pants.

Wicked Stock Motorcycle Leather Pants (Best Leather Motorcycle Pants)

Wicked Stock Motorcycle Leather Pants

If you’d prefer leather, it’s the Wicked Stock Motorcycle Leather Pants that we would recommend as the best leather motorcycle riding pants. These are more suited for cruiser riders looking to match the style and vibe of their bike.

Ultimately, it’s hard to go wrong with leather motorcycle pants. Leather on its own provides better protection than jeans. It’s comfortable to wear while riding as well.

These pants come equipped with CE-rated armor in the hips and knees for your protection. Along with the leather design, you’re getting plenty of protection with this pair of leather riding pants. The leather itself doesn’t disintegrate the minute you hit the road and offers better abrasion resistance.

When it comes to comfort, the Wicked Stock Motorcycle Leather Pants have stretch panels on the sides and lower back. This gives you better flexibility when you’re on the bike. It also improves your range of movement and fit adjustability, which makes them comfortable to ride with.

Along with the armor, these pants are equipped with a reinforced seat area and strengthened stitching. This helps with durability as well as safety if you hit the ground. Finally, there is a fixed mesh liner on the inside which provides better circulation and comfort.

If you’re looking for a comfortable and protective pair of leather riding pants, it’s the Wicked Stock Motorcycle Leather Pants that I would recommend. They look cool while still being able to offer protection if you happen to get into a crash or accident.

Wicked Stock Riding Pants

Wicked Stock Riding Pants

These Wicked Stock Riding Pants are better suited for adventure riders or those of you spending a lot of time on your bike. Not only do they look cool, but these pants come with practical features that help to improve your riding experience.

For starters, the Wicked Stock Riding Pants boast a nice-looking two-tone grey-black design. They’re made from an abrasion and tear resistant polyester material and equipped with mesh panels for better ventilation.

When it comes to safety, these are equipped with removable CE-rated armor foam padding in the knees and hips. There’s also these fixed rubberized protective inserts on the hips, which provide even more safety and protection. The knee armor can be easily adjusted depending on your height and comfort preferences.

As for the fit, the Wicked Stock Riding Pants are equipped with an adjustable waist system. there are two adjustable waist belts as well as elastic waist inserts to provide a better fit and to help keep everything in place while you’re riding. On the front you’ll find two zippered pockets for stashing your riding accessories.

Also worth mentioning are the flex expansion panels on the knees and tailbone. Please provide a more ergonomic fit and further adjustability. As for the build quality, these pants feature heavy duty seam construction that provides better tear resistance compared to non riding pants.

Overall, the Wicked Stock Riding Pants are a great choice if you’re looking for something comfortable, durable, and well suited for adventure or distance riding. They’ll keep you cool during the summer while providing you with the protection you want when you’re out on the bike.

Joe Rocket Accelerator Jean’s (Best Motorcycle Jeans)

Joe Rocket Accelerator Jean’s

When it comes to the best motorcycle jeans, it’s the Joe Rocket Accelerator Jeans that we would recommend as the best motorcycle jeans for most riders. Joe Rocket is a motorcycle gear brand that’s well-known for their high-quality, durable, and competitively priced motorcycle gear.

The Joe Rocket Accelerator Jean’s are made from a heavy-duty denim. They’re equipped with Kevlar reinforcements in the seat, hip, and knee panels. This helps to preserve the integrity of the jeans if you happen to slide along the pavement or get into an accident with them.

When it comes to protection, there are pockets for knee armor. Unfortunately, the armor is sold separately, so you’ll have to buy that as well. Otherwise, the heavy duty design and thick denim material offers reasonable protection compared to normal jeans.

As for comfort, there is an added cotton layer inside these jeans that helps to reduce friction. This layer also makes them more comfortable to wear. For riding, these jeans are equipped with stretch panels at the knee and upper seat areas for better flexibility and mobility.

Other features include 7 pockets, 2 of which are zippered. There’s a reflective stripe on the legs and tailbone for better visibility. Finally, these jeans are designed using a ride-friendly cut that helps make it easy to get on and off your bike.

Although I’m not a fan of motorcycle riding jeans, it’s the Joe Rocket Accelerator Jeans that I would recommend if you’re looking for a pair. Joe Rocket is known for their quality gear and these jeans come with the features ideal for keeping you safe when you’re on the bike.

Best Motorcycle Pants and Best Motorcycle Jeans Buying Guide

riding a dual sport bike through a river

Why Wear Motorcycle Jeans or Riding Pants?


The best motorcycle jeans are designed to protect your lower body if you happen to get thrown from a bike in an accident or crash. They come with abrasion resistance and, depending on the brand, knee armor, which helps to keep you safer.

Without riding pants or jeans you’re going to get terrible road rash if you happen to get thrown from the bike. The last thing you want to do is slide across the road at 40 miles per hour, or even higher, without any protection.


Motorcycle pants are a lot more durable and offer better protection than standard pants or jeans. They’re designed with reinforced material, a stronger lining, and typically come with additional padding or armor.

Regular jeans will immediately disintegrate when they come into contact with the pavement at high speed. They’re also not designed as well, meaning they’ll start to wear out more quickly than a pair of dedicated motorcycle jeans.


Another great decent to wear denim motorcycle jeans or riding pants is that they look pretty cool on most men. They can also be worn almost everywhere, meaning you’ll blend in when you’re wearing them after taking off your jacket.

The problem with other gear, like a motorcycle riding suit for example, is that it’s cumbersome and obvious. With dedicated jeans or pants, you’ll be stylish while enjoying the protection you want when you’re out on the bike.

Features to Look For in Motorcycle Pants & Motorcycle Jeans

When you’re in the market for a new pair of motorcycle pants or motorcycle riding jeans, there are a few features you want to keep an eye out for.

Of course, this includes the style you’re looking for, but there are a few other features to consider. Fabric, comfort, design, and safety are some of the main features.

Let’s take a more in-depth look!

Are They Made With Kevlar Fabric?

Riding pants and riding jeans made from Kevlar fibre typically offer the best protection. This is a strong, durable fabric with many protective features. You’ve probably heard of it before, as it’s Kevlar that they use in bulletproof vests.

This material helps to protect you from abrasions, cuts, and scratches should you get into an accident or get thrown from the bike. Normal jeans start to disintegrate immediately once they hit the pavement at a moderate speed. Kevlar motorcycle jeans and riding pants are more durable and able to withstand sliding and impacts more effectively.

Keep in mind that not every pair of pants or jeans is designed using Kevlar. If not, look for additional protective features, such as armored knees and hips.

Are They Comfortable and Flexible?

When you’re looking for riding pants, it’s also important that they’re comfortable and flexible. You don’t want something rigid and uncomfortable when you’re riding, as you’ll be less likely to wear them.

Pants and jeans that too tight can restrict your movement and make it difficult to ride. On the other hand, if they’re too loose they could become a wind tunnel and get in the way of your riding experience. When shopping for motorcycle gear online, always take your own measurements and follow the provided sizing guide to find the right size.

There are different features that help to make these pants more comfortable. These include adjustable waist bands, stretch panels on the knees and waist, and zippers on the legs for getting your motorcycle boots on. With these features, you’ll be more comfortable and have more flexibility when you’re out on the bike.

Is There Enough Protection?

Finally, the level of protection offered by the motorcycle riding jeans or pants you’re interested in needs to be considered. This is what helps to protect your body in case of a crash or accident. Some jeans come with more armor and are designed for different purposes than others.

At the bare minimum, knee protectors and hip protectors are essential safety features. I wouldn’t recommend riding in pants that aren’t equipped with these protections. Additionally, extra reinforcements in the seating area offers another great level of protection.

If you want to be protected the most out on the road, always go with riding jeans that offer these extra safety features. With most pairs, the armor is adjustable and can be easily removed. This is especially the case with motorcycle riding jeans.

Thanks to the removable armor, you can take it out when you get to your destination. With the armor removed, you can walk around in comfort without the bulky, awkward armor getting in your way. Once you’re ready to start riding, simply put the armor back, and you’re good to go.

What’s the Difference Between Riding Pants, Motorcycle Jeans, and Regular Pants or Jeans?

Both motorcycle pants and motorcycle jeans are designed to protect you in case of a crash, accident, or if you get thrown from the bike. They’re made with stronger materials and able to withstand the wear and tear of regular riding.

Regular jeans or pants are made from lightweight, thin materials. They’re not reinforced and they don’t come with any additional protective features. In an accident or crash, these pants simply disintegrate and offer no protection.

On the other hand, motorcycle jeans and motorcycle pants are designed using strong materials and come with additional protective features. This includes fabric reinforcements and CE-rated armor in key areas on your lower body.

Another benefit to using riding pants is that they’re more flexible, adjustable, and have a cut that makes it easier to get on and off your bike. Normal jeans and pants tend to be tighter and less forgiving when you’re going through the motions of riding.

You’re doing yourself a favor by wearing pants or jeans specifically designed for motorcycles. Otherwise, you’re just rolling the dice when it comes to your own safety.

How Much Do Motorcycle Pants Cost?

Under $100

If you’re on a tight budget, you can find some decent motorcycle jeans and pants in this price range. However, you’ll be missing out on some great features, such as additional armor or padding.

It’s hard to argue against your safety and well-being when you’re out on the motorcycle. That’s why we would recommend saving a little more money so you can invest in a better pair of motorcycle riding pants.

$100 and Up

This is where you’ll find some of the best motorcycle riding jeans and best motorcycle pants for the price. For most of this price range you’ll get all of the features you’ll need from some well-known and highly recommended brands.

At the higher end of this price point you’ll start seeing features like better armor, water resistance, and abrasion protection. It’s easy to spend hundreds of dollars on riding pants if you’re looking for safety, comfort, and durability.

Helpful Tips

  • Thankfully, it’s pretty easy to wash motorcycle pants in the washing machine. It’s a good idea to use cold water and a short washing sink. This will prevent any tearing or unnecessary damage to the pants or jeans. It’s also worth mentioning you should avoid using bleach and hang dry the pants instead of putting them in the dryer.
  • While motorcycle pants offer decent protection, they won’t protect you as well as a full leather riding suit. However, most people won’t want to put on a one piece suit when they’re heading out for a scenic ride. Using the right pants and jeans gets you most of the way there when it comes to safety, protection, and convenience.
  • Double check reviews and look at the manufacturer specifications when they’re trying to find bottoms that fit. Most pants and jeans will come with a sizing chart that you can use for properly measuring your waist to find the right bottoms. Don’t forget to read reviews to see what other people have to say about anything you’re interested in.

Motorcycle Pants and Motorcycle Jeans FAQ

dirt bike jumping

How Do You Wash Motorcycle Pants and Jeans?

It’s easy to wash your motorcycle pants and motorcycle riding jeans. Start by checking the instructions on the tag to look for any specific recommendations.

Next, remove the armor before putting the pants or jeans into the washing machine. The high temperatures and rough tumble of the washing machine can damage the armor.

It’s also a good idea to turn the pants inside out. This preserves the dye and prevents the zippers from ripping or getting caught on anything else in the machine.

During the wash, consider using a gentle cycle. Faster cycles can be harsh and will reduce the longevity of your motorcycle pants and motorcycle jeans.

Once the washing cycle is over, remove your riding pants and hang them to dry. The dryer could cause them to shrink and can also damage your clothing.

Do Motorcycle Pants and Jeans Come With Armor?

Typically, all of the best motorcycle riding pants and best motorcycle jeans come with both knee pads and hip protection. With some of my recommendations, such as the Joe Rocket jeans, you’ll have to buy the armor separately.

It’s important to buy riding pants that make it easy, or come equipped, with armor. This is what protects you in case of a crash or accident. Alternatively, consider using dedicated knee pads if you’re wearing normal jeans.

How Do You Choose the Right Size?

Sizing motorcycle pants and motorcycle riding jeans is different than your normal pants or jeans. Always refer to the sizing chart if you’re buying a pair online.

It’s easy to take your measurements at home and match it to the manufacturer sizing. Many pants and jeans are adjustable. This makes it easy to get a better fit if you purchase a pair that’s slightly too big or too small.

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