Where to Buy Motorcycle Gear Online: The Best Online Motorcycle Retailers

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Not everyone lives close to, or has access to, a local motorcycle gear shop. Even here in Southern Ontario it’s hard to find local retailers that stock all the best gear.

Instead of being able to support a local motorcycle business, many of us have to turn to online retailers to find a better selection of motorcycle gear and accessories. Shopping online makes it easy to pick up the brands and gear you’re looking for. Everything is shipped straight to your door – what’s not to love?

Wearing the proper riding gear needs to be a priority whenever you’re hitting the streets. Everyone from casual riders and commuters to hardcore motorcycle enthusiasts will benefit from wearing protective gear. Not being able to find anything locally isn’t an excuse, especially considering how easy it is to order motorcycle gear online.

In this post let’s take a look at some of the best online motorcycle retailers. You should be able to find everything you need from these online shops and websites. Feel free to make any recommendations in the comment section about your favorite online retailer for motorcycle gear.

Let’s jump right into it!

The Best Places to Buy Motorcycle Gear Online

Fortnine (Canada)

fortnine homepage

Fortnine (www.fortnine.ca) is the best place to buy motorcycle gear online in Canada. I’ve spent thousands ordering from this site and have yet to experience any problems with their service. I’m sure most Canadian riders are familiar with Fortnine and their extensive selection of gear, accessories, maintenance supplies, and motorcycle parts.

Along with motorcycle parts, Fortnine also has options for dirt bike, snowmobile, motocross, and ATV enthusiasts. Not only can you find motorcycle related clothing, but you can choose from everything from helmets and boots to chain lube and sprockets. This site caters to both men and women riders so no one is left out when it comes to the online shopping experience.

At Fortnine you’ll be able to find brands from all of the top motorcycle gear companies. This includes Joe Rocket, Alpinestars, Bell, Motul, GoPro, Icon, Shoei, Fox, and many more. The selection is always being updated with new gear, parts, and accessories on a regular basis.

One of the best features of Fortnine is the review section. In many cases you’ll find detailed reviews on most products. This can be helpful during your buying process and could possibly influence your decision on what you’re looking for.

Fortnine also has great customer service and an awesome return policy. Support emails and phone calls are answered promptly. When it comes to returns, almost everything can be returned for a full refund. Shipping is free for Canadians that spend over $49. Currently, there are no shipping options available to the USA.

To browsw motorcycle gear or start shopping head over to the Fortnine website here. They have an extensive collection of products with user-friendly, modern website.

Revzilla (USA)

Revzilla homepage

For Americans, Revzilla (www.revzilla.com) is the best place to buy motorcycle gear online. Revzilla is one of the most popular online retailers for motorcycle enthusiasts in the states. They offer a wide selection of motorcycle gear including clothing, parts, and accessories.

At Revzilla visitors will find a wide selection of gear from some of the most popular motorcycle brands. These will include companies like Dainese, GoPro, Klim, Icon, Alpinestars, Shoei, Fox Racing, and other high-end motorcycle retailers. There are always sales happening and the large selection is great for riders on any budget.

Just like with Fortnine, Revzilla takes advantage of the review section for their products. This helps people along with their buying process and makes it easier to find the right gear you’re looking for. Don’t forget to leave your own reviews if you happen to buy anything from the site.

Another great feature of Revzilla is their international shipping. However, not every brand can be shipped internationally so double-check the manufacturer restrictions if you’re looking to order something outside of the USA. Otherwise, this is a great option for riders living in Canada and other international locations who are looking for a better selection of online motorcycle gear.

Finally, Revzilla has a decent return policy. Any items can be returned within 30 days as long as they are new, unaltered, and unused. Full refunds to your original payment method are provided once the item is returned.

It’s hard to go wrong with Revzilla if you’re looking for where to buy motorcycle gear online in the USA. They also ship internationally so it’s a good idea to check them out even if you’re not living in the states.

Check out the Revzilla website here to start shopping. With fair prices, regular sales, and a solid return policy, Revzilla is definitely one of the best online motorcycle retailers.


BikeBandit homepage

When it comes to buying OEM motorcycle parts online it’s hard to go wrong with BikeBandit (www.bikebandit.com). These guys have it all and have got you covered whether you’re looking for spare parts, upgrades, or something new for your bike. It’s BikeBandit that came through when I needed a new air filter for my 2011 Honda CBR250R.

Along with motorcycle parts, BikeBandit also offers gear and equipment for dirt bikes, snowmobiles, ATVs, and other powersports vehicles. There is an amazing selection of riding gear, parts, tires, and motorcycle accessories depending on what you’re looking for. Sales happen regularly and there’s always something available regardless of your budget.

Shipping is free in the USA for orders over $99. Less than that and you can expect to spend between $7 and $13. International shipping is available to Canada and other destinations. Keep in mind that there are shipping exclusions on certain things like batteries, tires, and oversized items.

For such a vast, popular online motorcycle retailer you can expect a high standard of customer support. The support department is open through the week and is available through phone, live chat, or email.

When it comes to returns, BikeBandit has one of the best return policies out of any of the other online motorcycle retailers. They accept returns up to 60 days from the ship date without any restocking fees apart from electrical items. It’s even possible to return their closeout items depending on the circumstance.

Whether you’re looking for OEM motorcycle parts, a new helmet, or accessories for your bike, BikeBandit has it all. Check out the BikeBandit website here to start shopping Their wide selection along with the great customer support and return policies take them another top option for the best places to buy motorcycle gear online.

JP Cycles (USA)

jp cycles

JP Cycles (www.jpcycles.com) is an online motorcycle gear shop that claims to be the worlds largest retailer for aftermarket motorcycle parts and accessories. While I can’t comment on the validity of that claim, what I can say is that JP Cycles has an incredible selection of gear for riders.

Along with your typical aftermarket parts and accessories, JP Cycles also sells motorcycle boots, jackets, helmets, gloves, pants, and plenty of gear for both men and women. There’s also gear and accessories available for different riding styles depending on what you’re looking for. The brand selection is vast, although not as extensive as some of the other retailers on this list.

Nonetheless, JP Cycles is a great place to shop online for motorcycle gear and aftermarket parts. What makes them unique is their three retail locations in Florida, Iowa, and South Dakota. These stores are great to swing by and check out some cool motorcycle gear if you live in the area.

Should you run into any issues with your order JP Cycles has a dedicated customer support team. Email, live chat, and phone calls can be used to resolve any issues you experience. As for returns, the policy at JP Cycles is impressive. All orders can be returned within 120 days of the invoice date as long as the products are in pristine condition and resellable.

When it comes to shipping, free shipping is available on orders over $49. JP Cycles also ships to Canada and other international destinations for reasonable shipping costs.

It’s hard to go wrong when ordering your motorcycle gear and aftermarket parts from JP Cycles. Check out their selection and start shopping by visiting their website here. The vast selection, awesome return policy, and reasonable prices make them a great place to get your motorcycle gear shopping done online.

MotorcycleGear.Com (USA)


Another great online motorcycle retailer for those of you living in the United States is MotorcycleGear.Com (www.motorcyclegear.com). They carry a wide selection of motorcycle gear with products from Brands like Joe Rocket, Dainese, Thor, and Oxford. Whether you’re looking for touring equipment or a new helmet, you can find a great selection of gear from this online retailer.

One of my favorite features with this site are the expert reviews that you can find on different products. This gives you better insight into the gear, parts, or accessories you’re interested in. That way you’ll be able to make the most informed decision on your purchase.

When it comes to shipping, free shipping is available on orders over $89. This covers orders in the continental US with options for international shipping as well (for a fee). As for returns, there aren’t any restocking fees and flat rate return shipping labels are included. This makes the return process easy if you’re not happy with any of your gear or ordered products.

For customer service there is a detailed FAQ should you have any questions. MotorcycleGear.Com Can also be contacted through email, live chat, or phone. There’s even a showroom in Texas where you can check out their products in person or deal with any of your customer service issues.

MotorcycleGear.Com has been in business for 20 years and offers a wide selection of products and motorcycle gear for a great price. You can check out their website here to start shopping. don’t miss the “Closeouts” section for some amazing prices on closeout styles and last years models.

Online Motorcycle Shops in Europe

Despite many of my readers coming from North America, I still wanted to share a list of the best online motorcycle shops in Europe. Ordering motorcycle parts online in Europe might be difficult depending on your local market. Some places will have options for local motorcycle gear, while others will have to rely strictly on online ordering.

Some of the North American online motorcycle retailers will ship to international addresses in Europe. Consider contacting the company directly for more information about their European shipping options. Expect to pay higher fees to cover these international shipping costs.

Let’s take a look at some of the top online motorcycle retailers and places to buy motorcycle gear online in Europe!

Get Geared (UK and Europe)

get geared uk motorcycle shop

Get Geared (https://www.getgeared.co.uk) is a popular online retailer for riders living in the UK and Europe. They have gear covering all types of riding from racing and street to touring and cruising. With a vast selection of motorcycle clothing, motorbike parts, and related accessories you’re bound to find what you’re looking for at Get Geared.

Both men and women will be able to find a selection of motorcycle clothing on Get Geared. There are products available from the most trusted motorcycle brands including Dainese, Icon, Arai, GoPro, Sidi, and Forma, with countless more brands available to choose from. Along with clothing, Get Geared offers a wide selection of motorcycle related accessories and parts.

When it comes to shipping, Get Geared offers free UK delivery on orders above 25 GBP. There’s a physical store location if you’d like to order online and collect at the store. Fees for UK delivery range from free, if you meet the spending limit, up to 12.95 GBP depending on your shipping preferences.

As for customer service, there is an online customer service form that can be filled out for the easiest and quickest response. Otherwise, Get Geared is available by telephone and email for urgent issues. Their return policy is incredible with 365-days being the limit on returns. Online returns are free, as long as they’re returned inside the UK Royal Mail area. Exchanges are also possible depending on the product and condition.

Get Geared is one of the best places to shop online for motorcycle gear in the UK and Europe. The selection is amazing, the customer service is decent, and it’s hard to beat that return/exchange policy. You can shop online by visiting their website here. Don’t forget to browse the sale section for up to 65% off of savings!

Dafy Moto (France)

dafy moto france

Dafy Moto (https://www.dafy-moto.com) has been in the motorcycle retail industry since 1974 and have grown into one of the best places to buy motorcycle gear in France. Along with their website, Dafy has more than 170 physical motorcycle retail locations across the country. From Dafy Moto French motorcyclists will enjoy a wide selection of motorcycle gear and accessories.

On the website and in stores you’ll find motorcycle clothing, accessories, and a small selection of parts. Despite a large selection, Dafy has more of a focus on street, touring, and dual-sport gear to meet the needs of the local French market. There are nearly 150 brands available to choose from. These include Dainese, Scorpion, TCX, Shoei, Alpinestars, HJC, and plenty more.

When it comes to customer service, Dafy Moto can be reached by phone, email, and live chat. At the moment there isn’t a product review section. Instead, Dafy has a testimonial section where customers share their online shopping experience. The current rating reveals that online shoppers are happy with their purchases and experience. This makes Dafy a great place to shop online for motorcycle gear in France.

As for returns, unused, unaltered, and new items can be returned within 14 days of delivery. Unfortunately, you’ll have to cover return shipping fees if you don’t live close to a retail location. Free shipping is available on certain orders. Another big drawback to shopping at Dafy is that the shipping is only available to locations in France. There is no international shipping at this time.

Overall, Dafy Moto is a great place for riders living in France to buy motorcycle gear, parts, and accessories. The high number of retail locations make it easy to check out products in person instead of having to rely on online reviews and photos. You can start shopping on their website here or visit one of their locations to find what you need.

Louis Motorrad (Europe)

Louis Motorrad (Europe)

Louis Motorrad (https://www.louis.eu) is another one of the biggest online motorcycle retailers in Europe. They also have a number of physical locations in Switzerland, the Netherlands, Germany, and Austria.

Louis Motorrad has a wide selection of motorcycle clothing, accessories, and equipment available for most different riding styles including street, cruisers, touring, and enduro. Some of the brands available include Schuberth, GoPro, SW-Motech, Alpinestars, and Sena. You’ll be able to find most of the popular motorcycle brands available online or at their stores.

One of their top selling points is the incredible customer service available at Louis Motorrad. Customer service representatives are always available by email or telephone. Thanks to the store locations some riders can also stop by a store to have their issues dealt with.

As for returns, the return policy at Louis Motorrad is incredible. Many products have a two-year return limit, something that I doubt is available at any other online motorcycle gear retailer. Return shipping costs are covered for riders living in Germany, otherwise you’ll have to cover the return costs on your own. There is international shipping available for riders living in the rest of Europe and other international locations.

Overall, Louis Motorrad is a great place to shop online or in-store for motorcycle gear, equipment, and accessories in Europe. The wide selection of products along with the amazing return policy make Louis Motorrad one of the top online retailers in Europe for motorcycle gear.

Should You Buy Online or Support a Local Business?

motorcycle maintenance

Ultimately, it’s up to you whether you want to shop locally or buy your motorcycle gear online. These days it can be difficult to find local motorcycle shops with a wide selection of gear and accessories. Many shops have to inflate their prices to cover their overhead expenses. This typically isn’t the case with online retailers.

For things like motorcycle parts, smaller accessories, and supplies it’s possible to have all your needs covered from your local shop. Even this assumes that you live somewhere with a big enough motorcycle population to support a motorcycle retailer in your neighborhood. Otherwise, for a better selection and better prices I’d recommend heading online for your motorcycle related purchases.

Personally, I only order motorcycle parts for my bike from my local shop. Everything else I get online because of the selection, customer service, and better pricing. While you can’t try something on over the Internet, it’s easier to have it delivered to your home and return it if needed. Maybe you don’t have the time to visit your local shop or there’s just nowhere nearby – it’s always possible to find what you’re looking for online.

Like I said at the beginning, it’s up to you to decide whether you want to shop online or support a local business. It would be nice to see local businesses taking advantage of online shopping which would be the best of both worlds. Try buying what you can locally and get everything else from one of your favorite online motorcycle stores.

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