The Best Heated Motorcycle Gear (Reviews) in 2021

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For some riders, the riding season isn’t over when the temperature starts dropping. Even in colder northern climates, it’s possible to ride for most of the year, unless you have heavy snow to contend with.

Those of you riding throughout the winter season probably want to invest in some warm riding gear. There’s nothing worse than shivering through to the bone only to realize you’re not even halfway home.

While we already covered the best heated grips, there are some options for heated motorcycle gear you can wear. This is the gear you need to stay warm on those colder rides so you can further extend your riding season.

In this post, let’s take a look at the best heated motorcycle gear that you need to add to your motorcycle wardrobe when it comes to winter riding. This includes jackets, vests, pants, and even socks that are all going to help keep you warm during those cold weather days.

Let’s jump right into it!

The Best Heated Motorcycle Gear

Venture Heat Motorcycle Heated Jacket (Best Heated Motorcycle Jacket)

Venture Heat Motorcycle Heated Jacket

When it comes to the best heated motorcycle jacket, it’s the Venture Heat Motorcycle Heated Jacket that we’d recommend. A heated jacket liner like this one is designed to keep your core warm so you can keep riding without shivering or suffering from the cold weather.

This heated motorcycle jacket is powered by your motorcycle battery. It even comes with a wireless remote control that you can use to cycle between low, medium, and high heat.

To protect you from the elements, the jacket is wind and water-resistant. It’s meant to be worn underneath your existing motorcycle jacket and it’s safe to use in the rain, wind, and snow.

Connecting the jacket to your battery is simple and the wiring allows you to use other Venture Heat heated gear. It’s as simple as adding the negative and positive wires to your battery, connecting it to the jacket, and choosing the appropriate setting for the conditions you’re riding in.

With seven heat panels, you’ll be kept warm and cozy while you’re riding during the winter. There are panels on the sleeves, chest, back, and neck for maximum coverage

It’s a good idea to pair this jacket liner with a winter motorcycle jacket, assuming you have one. With that in mind, the Venture Heat Motorcycle Heated Jacket is definitely our recommendation as the best heated motorcycle jacket liner for keeping you warm during those cold riding months.

Gerbing Heated Jacket Liner

Gerbing Heated Jacket Liner

The Gerbing Heated Jacket Liner is another great option if you’re searching for a heated motorcycle jacket liner to wear under your riding jacket. It’s a popular choice for riders online and comes with a number of practical features for keeping you warm.

The jacket is powered by your motorcycle battery and is connected directly to it. This means you can stay warm while riding without worrying about sensitive rechargeable batteries.

As a liner, it’s meant to be worn underneath your current riding jacket. You’re able to enjoy the protection of your current jacket with the warmth of this liner to extend your riding season safely.

It’s possible to control the heat through the use of a dual zone controller. You can easily change the heat temperature depending on the weather and how warm or cold you are.

To help keep you warm there are seven heat zones on this liner. You’ll find these heat zones in the arms, back, chest, and neck to keep your body wrapped in heat.

Thanks to the functional design, such as elastic cuffs on the wrist and waist, this liner is comfortable to wear. There’s even a drop tailback, which offers more coverage and prevents wind from blowing up the liner.

Overall, the Gerbing Heated Jacket Liner is another easy and convenient way to stay warm during those winter rides. With its great reviews and ease of use, this is an ideal liner if you’re looking to extend your riding season.

PKSTONE Heated Vest (Best Heated Motorcycle Vest)

PKSTONE Heated Vest

Not everyone needs a heated motorcycle jacket, especially if you live in a warmer climate. In that case, you’ll be better off with a heated vest, and it’s the PKSTONE Heated Vest that we recommend.

This is our recommendation as the best heated motorcycle vest. It’s definitely a great choice if you’re looking to keep your core warm during those cooler riding days.

The PKSTONE Heated Vest comes with 5 heating zones and 3 temperature adjustment settings. You can find the heating zones along the waist, belly, and upper back.

The vest itself is like weight and designed using quality, yet thin materials. This makes it easy to wear underneath your winter motorcycle jacket without it being too bulky or uncomfortable.

It comes with a battery that provides power to the heating elements, so it will need to be charged before heading out. Thankfully, this is easily done with the standard USB port.

Overall, it’s the PKSTONE Heated Vest that we recommend if you’re looking for the best heated vest for motorcycle riding. It’s lightweight, affordable, and designed to keep your body warm when you’re out riding in cooler weather.

ORORO Men’s Lightweight Heated Vest

ORORO Men's Lightweight Heated Vest

The ORORO Men’s Lightweight Heated Vest is another great option if you’re in the market for a heated motorcycle vest. While this one is more expensive than our top recommendation, it has better reviews and might be better suited for regular riding.

The vest is 100% nylon and comes with 4 heat zones. These zones can be found underneath the two pockets on the front, at the collar, and in the middle of your back.

Depending on the weather, it’s easy to change the heating temperature. There are 3 heating levels that can be easily adjusted by pressing the power button.

With the built-in battery, it’s possible to keep the vest running for up to 10 hours on the low setting. On the medium and high settings you can expect between 3 and 6 hours of heating before running out of battery.

As a heated motorcycle vest, this is designed to be worn underneath your riding jacket. Thankfully, it’s lightweight and well-insulated to keep you warm and provide unrestricted movement when you’re riding.

Overall, we’d definitely recommend the ORORO Men’s Lightweight Heated Vest if you’re looking for a high-quality and reliable heated motorcycle vest. Despite the higher price, this vest comes with great reviews and will definitely help keep you warm in the winter.

FERNIDA Heated Pants (Best Heated Motorcycle Pants)

FERNIDA Heated Pants

The FERNIDA Heated Pants are a great option if you’re looking for the best heated motorcycle pants. With the wind blasting on your legs, these can definitely help keep your legs warm when you’re riding in cooler conditions.

One main drawback worth mentioning right away is that these don’t come with a battery. This means you’ll need to use a power bank or some other battery to operate these pants.

Otherwise, the FERNIDA Heated Pants are made of a cotton and spandex blend. This is comfortable to wear and functional for riding with as it doesn’t restrict your movement.

The pants come with 10 different heating pads on the front and back of the legs as well as on the butt. These are controlled by a small button that offers 3 different temperature settings depending on the conditions.

On the inside of the pants is a soft and warm velvet material. This makes them comfortable against your legs and further helps keep you warm.

It’s a good idea to wear these under a pair of motorcycle jeans or motorcycle riding pants. This way you’re still protected if you happen to get into a crash or accident.

Overall, the FERNIDA Heated Pants are a great choice if you’re looking for a heated motorcycle pants. Combined with a heated jacket or vest, you’ll be toasty warm the next time you’re out riding.

GLOBAL VASION Heated Socks (Best Heated Socks for Motorcycle Riding)


When it comes to the best heated socks for motorcycle riding, you’ll definitely want to check out the GLOBAL VASION Heated Socks. These are great to wear with your riding boots to help keep your feet warm during those colder riding conditions.

There is a heating element on the top of the socks which is designed to warm your entire foot. When you’re wearing boots, the heat will radiate around your feet and keep them warm.

The socks themselves take advantage of some high-quality design features. This includes a breathable elastic material, a reinforced heel-and-toe, and a recessed heating element that doesn’t get in the way when you’re wearing them.

There are three different temperature levels that can be easily changed depending on the weather. When it comes to charging, lithium ion rechargeable batteries are included as well as an AC charger so you’ll always be able to use these socks.

If you find yourself suffering from cold feet during winter motorcycle riding, it’s the GLOBAL VASION Heated Socks that you’re going to want to check out. These are reasonably priced, well reviewed, and a great choice for keeping your feet warm.

Sun Will Store Heated Balaclava

Sun Will Store Heated Balaclava

The Sun Will Store Heated Balaclava is a great way to keep your head warm underneath your helmet. With the wind blasting you when you’re riding, this is an effective way to warm up your head while protecting your face, nose, and neck from the cold wind.

This heated balaclava comes with a lithium-ion, rechargeable battery. It’s easy to charge at home and provides up to eight hours of continuous warmth and heat.

Not only does it provide heat, but as a balaclava it protects your face, nose, and neck from wind and the lower temperatures. It also prevents dust and debris I’m hitting you in the face while absorbing sweat at the same time.

Controlling the 3 different heat settings is simple thanks to the button at the bottom of the balaclava. There’s even a mesh mouthpiece that’s great for preventing your visor or motorcycle sunglasses from fogging up.

Overall, this is a great piece of heated motorcycle gear to wear underneath your motorcycle helmet. For winter riding, we would definitely recommend the Sun Will Store Heated Balaclava, especially if you’re riding a lot as the temperature approaches freezing.

Gears Heated Seat Pad

Gears Heated Seat Pad

The last accessory that we would recommend is the Gears Heated Seat Pad. This is a great way to keep your bottom warm while increasing the comfort of your motorcycle seat.

In the past we’ve discussed our recommendations for the best motorcycle seat pads. This is another one worth considering, especially if you’re doing a lot of winter riding.

Along with keeping your butt warm, the warmth from the Gears Heated Seat Pad will radiate through to your core. Combined with other heated gear and you have a great setup for riding during colder conditions.

The seat pad is ergonomically designed to provide a snug fit over most motorcycle seats. It’s easy to install and comes with an anti skid bottom that helps keep the pad in place while you’re riding.

To provide power to the seat pad, it needs to be hooked up to your motorcycle battery. It draws just 1.3 amps of current, which is suitable for using on most motorcycles.

Keep in mind that because it’s hooked up directly to the battery, you’ll need to remember to turn it off. Otherwise, you run the risk of killing the battery, in which case you’ll need a jump starter or a boost.

Overall, the Gears Heated Seat Pad is another great heated motorcycle accessory to improve your riding comfort on those colder days. Along with keeping you warm, it will also make your seat more comfortable and improve your riding experience overall.

Why You Should Wear Heated Motorcycle Gear

riding in the winter with full gear

When you’re out riding you’re constantly having to deal with the wind and outdoor weather conditions. The wind can make the outdoor temperature field lower, that dreaded wind chill effect.

Even during those warmer summer days, the temperature can be quite low in the early morning and evening. The last thing you want to be doing is shivering while trying to operate the controls on your bike.

It’s both uncomfortable and dangerous to be riding in these conditions, especially for an extended period of time. That’s why it’s a good idea to invest in heated motorcycle gear.

Let’s take a look at the benefits of heated motorcycle gear and why you use it if you’re riding a lot in cooler or cold conditions.

Keeps You Warm

With heated motorcycle gear you’re kept warm and alert of the road conditions. You’ll be comfortable and able to focus your attention on what’s happening ahead of you.

It’s unpleasant when you’re shivering to the bone, all because you wanted to go for a quick ride. Heated gear can make riding during the colder weather fun again.

Improves Your Concentration

When you’re cold and shivering your concentration is taken away from riding. Instead, you’re worried about getting warm and how long it’s going to take you to get home.

Your hands could even get so cold that you’re not able to properly operate your throttle and other controls. With heated gear, you’ll be kept warm and able to focus on safely riding and properly operating your motorcycle.

Extends Your Riding Season

Arguably the biggest benefit of wearing heated motorcycle gear is that it extends your riding season. Instead of having to put your bike away as soon as the weather starts turning cold, you can keep safely riding into the fall and winter.

As long as there isn’t any snow on the ground, you can keep riding your motorcycle. This gives you more bang for your buck, especially when it comes to insurance. You’re also going to have more fun if you’re able to keep riding instead of waiting around for warmer weather.

Helpful Tips

When you’re out riding during cold weather, it’s a good idea to wear wool or synthetic material underneath your heated gear. This prevents your skin from getting too hot and helps to keep the heat in. You should avoid wearing cotton, as it’s not as good at keeping you warm and can be a problem if you start sweating.

Although you may be wearing a heated inner layer, your outer layer needs to be waterproof and windproof. Otherwise, your heated liners won’t work as effectively and you won’t be as warm as you could be. Blocking the wind is important for keeping you warm.

Something else to consider with heated gear is that it can get quite hot. Look for options that come with adjustable heat settings where you can pick the temperature. This way, if you start getting too warm, you can change the settings until you’re comfortable.

The final thing worth mentioning is how you’ll be powering your heated gear. If you’ll be using your motorcycle battery, make sure that it’s probably charged and capable of supplying the gear. Consider bringing along extra fuses and tools in case you short a battery when you’re riding.


Is Heated Motorcycle Gear Expensive?

If you’re on a budget, then yes, heated motorcycle gear can be rather expensive. However, if you’ll be riding a lot during the colder months, it’s definitely worth it.

Not only can you use heated gear for motorcycle riding, it can be used for a variety of other purposes. Along with snowmobiling and working outside, you can even wear your heated gear when you’re shoveling snow.

What’s the Best Heated Motorcycle Gear to Wear?

Using heated gloves are a good idea for keeping your hands warm. This makes it easier to operate the controls, even in cold weather.

A heated jacket liner also helps keep your core warm. This will prevent you from shivering uncontrollably, especially on those windy days.

Is Plug-In or Battery-Powered Motorcycle Gear Better?

For this debate, it boils down to your personal preference. Plug in gear gets wired directly to your motorcycle battery and works while the bike is running.

Gear that plugs in typically comes with an adjustable thermostat. The problem is that you could short the battery if it’s not fully charged.

On the other hand, battery-powered gear can be worn at any time, not just when you’re on the bike. The drawback is that you need to remember to charge it before heading out on a ride and make it back before the battery runs out.

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