The 5+ BEST Snowmobile Boots (Reviews) in 2021

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When you’re out riding in the snow on your snowmobile it’s important that you’re wearing the right boots. They should keep your feet warm and protected, regardless of the conditions you’re riding in.

These boots also need to be easy to get on and off, especially when you’re wearing gloves or if you have frozen fingers. This is a lot of boxes to tick and it can make it difficult to find a quality pair of some of your boots for your winter Adventures.

To make things easier for you, we put together this guide with the best snowmobile boots you can find online today. We’ll start with our recommendations for the best boots for snowmobiling and then dive into our helpful buyer’s guide.

Let’s jump right into it

The Best Snowmobile Boots

Baffin Wolf Winter Boots (Best Snowmobile Boots Overall)

Baffin Wolf Winter Boots

When it comes to the best snowmobile boots for most people, it’s the Baffin Wolf Winter Boots that we would recommend. While they aren’t designed for snowmobiling specifically, they’re amazing for cold weather protection and comfort.

These boots are a popular choice for people looking for warm and insulated winter footwear. They’re able to offer such warmth and protection due to the outer molding technology and foam-based inner boot system.

The boots themselves feature a weatherproof and waterproof 900-denier nylon exterior. This helps to keep the warmth trapped inside while preventing snow and moisture from penetrating the material.

On the inside is a removable, multi-layer liner. This continues to help keep your feet warm and is easily removable for washing and drying.

There is a synthetic sole that offers plenty of grip, even in cold conditions. Speaking of cold weather, these boots feature a temperature rating that will keep your feet warm down to 40ºC/-40ºF.

Sliding them on is effortless, thanks to the inner liner. Once they’re on your foot, These boots can be easily adjusted thanks to the two straps and drawstring at the top, which prevents snow from entering the boots.

Overall, we would definitely recommend the Baffin Wolf Winter Boots as the best snowmobile boots for most people. These are designed to keep your feet warm and cozy, even in the coldest of winter conditions.

Fly Racing BOA Marker Snowmobile Boots

Fly Racing BOA Marker Snowmobile Boots

Those of you looking for something a little more technical snowmobiling oriented will want to take a look at the Fly Racing BOA Marker Snowmobile Boots. These are specifically designed to keep your feet warm and protected whether you’re attacking the trails or ripping up the gnarliest climb.

As a dedicated snowmobiling boot, the Fly Racing BOA Marker Snowmobile Boots are equipped with protection for your feet and ankles. This means you don’t need to worry as much about low-lying branches or other obstacles on the trail.

When it comes to keeping your feet warm, these boots feature an innovative breathable and waterproof hydroguard system. Combined with the 600g of thermal insulation, your feet will be kept warm and dry for temperatures down to minus 40 degrees.

With the breathable and waterproof membrane, you don’t need to worry about snow or moisture getting into the boots and making your feet wet. While there isn’t an inner liner, the waterproof exterior and locking drawstring at the top are perfectly equipped at keeping snow and moisture out.

On the bottom of the boots you’ll find a sturdy, synthetic rubber sole. This really helps when you’re trying to grip wet snow or ice out on your snowmobile trip.

Overall, if you’re looking for a pair of dedicated snowmobile boots, it’s the Fly Racing BOA Marker Snowmobile Boots that we’d recommend. These are specifically designed for keeping your feet protected, warm, and dry when you’re out snowmobiling in harsh winter weather conditions.

Kamik Men’s Canuck Cold Weather Boot

Kamik Men's Canuck Cold Weather Boot

The Kamik Men’s Canuck Cold Weather Boot is another great choice if you’re looking for a snowmobile boot that’s going to keep your feet warm and dry. This is more of an all-purpose winter boot then you could definitely use when you’re out snowmobiling.

At the bottom of the boot you’ll find a lightweight rubber sole. This offers plenty of grip on the snow and ice while preventing snow and moisture from getting inside.

The exterior features sealed seams and a waterproof polyester nylon blend. There’s an adjustable snow collar and bungee lace lock that keeps out the snow and moisture while keeping your feet warm.

Speaking of warm feet, there is a Zylex removable liner on the inside. This is great for keeping your feet toasty warm all the way down to -40F and it’s easy to remove to wash as well.

Overall, we would definitely recommend the Kamik Men’s Canuck Cold Weather Boots if you want to enjoy warm, dry feet when you’re out snowmobiling. While these don’t offer any additional protective features, these are a great choice for basic snowmobile adventures and easy riding.

Castle X Barrier 2 Snowmobile Boot

Castle X Barrier 2 Snowmobile Boot

The Castle X Barrier 2 Snowmobile Boot is another boot we’d recommend if you’re looking for something specifically designed for snowmobiling. This one comes with plenty of features and protection to keep you safe, warm, and dry when you’re out on the trails.

What makes this boot so unique is that it has a comfort rating of -60F. This is perfect if you’re doing a lot of extreme cold weather riding and want to keep your feet warm.

To help keep your feet warm, these boots use three layers of Merino wool blend insulation. There is wicking air mesh and perforated air trap foam to keep your feet warm, ventilated, and to prevent them from overheating.

On the inside is a removable insole, which can be easily removed to wash or dry out. There’s also a metallic heat reflecting layer, just one more feature to help keep your feet warm.

The outside of the boot is made with 1000D nylon, which is waterproof and designed to keep out the snow and moisture. For the upper there is PU coated leather and a waterproof membrane for even better waterproofing and weather protection.

Sliding these boots on is simple thanks to the quick connect bucket system. There’s even a snow shield gaiter with bungee cord lock to prevent snow from getting in.

Overall, the Castle X Barrier 2 Snowmobile Boot are a great choice if you’re looking for snowmobiling boots that offer ample protection for your feet. These will keep your feet safe, warm, and dry even in the harshest of winter snowmobile conditions.

Kamik Men’s Greenbay 4 Cold-Weather Boot

Kamik Men's Greenbay 4 Cold-Weather Boot

The Kamik Men’s Greenbay 4 Cold-Weather Boots would be our final recommendation if you’re searching for the best waterproof snowmobile boots. These are 100% waterproof, lightweight, are comfortable to wear for easy snowmobiling adventures.

The outside of these boots is made from a lightweight, 600D nylon material. It’s waterproof in design and helps to keep the heat inside for keeping your feet warm.

At the bottom of the boot is a lightweight, rubber sole. This keeps the snow and moisture out while providing ample grip on slippery surfaces.

On the inside is a removable felt liner for even more attention and warmth. At the top of the boots is a lace lock snow collar that keeps the snow and cold weather out.

These boots feature a single strap, which helps keep them in place while they’re being worn. They’re also designed to be 100% waterproof, great for most riding conditions.

Overall, if you’re looking for affordable and cheap snowmobile boots, it’s the Kamik Men’s Greenbay 4 Cold-Weather Boots that’d recommend. These are lightweight with a basic design for a great price.

Why You Should Buy Snowmobile Boots

snowmobile helmet

Protect Your Feet

When you’re out snowmobiling in cold and wet conditions, it’s important that your feet are protected from the ice and snow. Snowmobile boots are designed to keep your feet warm and safe when you’re having a good time out on your snowmobile.

Prevent Fatigue

Without a quality pair of snowmobile boots, it’s easier for your feet and legs to get tired when you’re out riding. The rigid design of these boots supports your legs and prevents fatigue.

This is an especially important feature to have if you’re riding in cold weather conditions for an extended period of time. The right boots can really help enhance your snowmobile riding experience and make it more enjoyable.

Decrease Risk of Injury

There’s no arguing that riding a snowmobile is inherently dangerous. With a quality pair of some of your boots your feet, ankles, and legs will be better protected.

When you’re out riding there could be low-lying branches or you could lose control of the snowmobile and take a tumble. Wearing boots will protect your feet and ankles from any potentially harmful impacts.

Looks Cool

It’s also worth mentioning that you can look pretty cool wearing the right pair of snowmobile boots. While some of them feature basic designs, other of them have great, stylish designs.

Some riders are into a certain aesthetic and want to fit a snowmobile rider appearance. In this case, there are some great stylish snowmobile boots available to choose from.

Snowmobile Boot Pricing: How Much Do Snowmobile Boots Cost?

Under $100

For this price range it’s possible to find some decent boots. Don’t expect too many fancy features or other qualities if you’re spending less than $100.

For example, you probably won’t find removable insulation layers or full on waterproof technology. Otherwise, this is a great choice if you’re on a budget and looking for cheap snowmobile boots for some basic rides.

$100 to $200

It’s in this price range you’ll find some great boots. The boots here will be durable, comfortable, and warm enough for most riding conditions.

This price range gets you removable inner liners and high-quality materials and craftsmanship. They should last you quite a few seasons of regular riding.

Over $200

In this price range you’ll find some of the best snowmobile boots on the market. This price will get you the best craftsmanship and materials that most manufacturers have to offer.

You can expect these boots to be waterproof, cold resistant, and well-made. If you’ll be snowmobiling a lot, it’s worth spending this kind of money for a quality set of boots.

Features to Look For


Keep an eye out for built-in protective elements when you’re shopping for snowmobile boots. For starters, one of the most important features to look for is the kickplate.

This is typically located on the toe and is a thick, rubber pad that raps from the sole up to the top of toe area. It’s meant to protect your toes and feet from impacts while making it possible to kick snow off.

Advanced riders might want to look for ankle protector plates or impact plates in the boots. These offer even more protection and are better suited for technical trail riding or harsh conditions.

Tread and Soles

Look for boots that have aggressive tread patterns. This is important because you need to be able to safely walk on ice and snow along with extreme winter weather conditions.

Don’t forget to consider the quality of the sole as well. Rubber is a great material and the soles should feel sturdy, look sturdy, and be completely attached to the body of the boot. Something with a good tread will also make it easier to get your sled up a snowmobile ramp, something worth considering.

You could also look for aggressive outer lugs, which are great in harsh conditions. These are small, rubber protrusions that help gain traction on ice and snow, which can be found around the edge of the boot.


There are a number of different lacing styles when it comes to snowmobile boots. Look for something that’s easy to use or that you can use with your gloves.

On colder days, you probably don’t want to take off your gloves to make any adjustments. That’s why it’s good to have a simple lacing system with large laces.

Even better, look for velcro straps. These are easier to use and don’t require as much finesse when you’re strapping up the boots.


The main purpose of snowmobile boots is to keep your feet warm. You’ll want to look for something that’s well-insulated, especially when there is a high wind chill.

At the bare minimum, look for boots that have at least 600 grams of insulation. There should also be a liner on the inside, that can be easily removed to wash or dry.

It’s also possible to pick up some heated socks, if you have a problem with cold feet. This is one of those motorcycle heated gear accessories that can also be used for snowmobiling.


It might be surprising to you, but not all winter boots are waterproof. Without a waterproof snowmobile boot, snow and ice can get in and your feet will get wet.

You don’t want this happening when you’re out on the trail and it’s cold outside. Look for boots that are waterproof or can repel water. This is the best feature for comfort and enjoying your ride in cold and wet conditions.

Removable Inner Lining

Having a removable inner liner is a great feature for drying out or cleaning out the inside of your boots. You can even preheat the liner with a heater so that your feet are warm and toasty before the right even starts.

Another benefit to the removable inner liner is that it can be removed and washed. This can kill bacteria and extend the lifespan of your boots.


Look for boots that are made from high-quality and breathable materials. These help with ventilation and keeping your feet dry when you’re out on the trail.

It’s not a bad idea to bring extra socks with you when you’re out snowmobiling. This way you can change the socks out and have dry feet throughout the day, even if your boots aren’t the most breathable.

Shaft Height

The last feature to consider is the shaft height of the boot. This is the height of the part of the boot that runs from the foot box, or sole, to the top.

For winter riding you want boots with a higher shaft height. This design is better for keeping your feet warm and keeping the snow or moisture out.

Snowmobile Boots Tips

  •  When ordering your snowmobile boots consider going up a size. This is because you’ll be wearing thicker socks underneath, which will take up more room in the boot. With a bigger size it’s easier to wear thicker socks without the boots feeling too tight or restricting.
  • Those of you suffering from cold feet all the time will want to consider heated socks. This is an extra level of warmth that can improve your comfort when you’re out riding.
  • Another great way to keep your feet warm and dry is to use a large plastic bag. Slide it over your socked feet before slipping your feet into the liner. This will keep your feet warm and dry, regardless of the conditions.
  • To extend the lifespan of your boots and keep them in good condition, make an effort to clean them after every use. Use dish soap and warm water to clean off any dirt or salt stains. Allow them to dry indoors before storing them or using them again.
  • Regularly check the soles and seams of your boots for wear and tear. Look for any damage, holes, rips, or tears. It’s possible for moisture to get into the boots if they’re damaged. Should you find any damage, it’s possible to repair the boots, otherwise you should buy a new pair.
  • Look for boots that match your favorite snowmobile goggles. This way you’ll look cool and enjoy the benefits of a solid pair of footwear as well.

Snowmobile Boot FAQ

Can You Go Hiking in Snowmobile Boots?

While it’s possible to go hiking in snowmobile boots, it’s not something we would recommend. They aren’t as flexible as hiking boots and aren’t as durable for this type of use.

Instead, look for a dedicated pair of winter hiking boots. Keep your snowmobile boots for snowmobiling so that they’re kept in the best condition when you need them.

Can You Wear Snowboard Boots for Snowmobiling?

Yes, it’s possible to wear your snowboard boots when you’re out snowmobiling. However, this isn’t something we’d recommend due to the design elements.

Snowboarding boots aren’t as flexible and don’t offer as much protection. They can also cause bruising on the calves and legs when you’re riding your snowmobile.

What is the Temperature Rating For?

The temperature rating you see on snowmobile boots is the lowest temperature that these boots can be safely and comfortably worn in. Look for boots for conditions a few degrees warmer you’ll be riding in for the rating.

This way you’ll always be prepared and comfortable, even if the temperature dips. It’s a good idea to buy boots that are rated for a few degrees colder than your normal riding conditions.

What’s the Difference Between Waterproof and Water-Resistant Boots?

The main difference is how the boots repel water. Waterproof boots are designed to keep the water out and are completely sealed to keep you dry.

Water-resistant boots allow the water to slowly soak through and only keep your feet dry in slightly wet or damp conditions. For snowmobiling, you’ll want to look for the best waterproof snowmobile boots you can find.

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