The 3+ BEST Snowmobile Ramps (Reviews) in 2021

Loading a snowmobile onto a truck, especially without help, can be a difficult process. These snow machines are heavy, cumbersome, and hard to control even in the best of conditions.

Then there’s the snow, slush, and slippery ground you have to deal with to get the sled loaded. Thankfully, there’s an easy way to load a snowmobile into a pickup truck without too much work.

In this post, we’ll be looking at the best snowmobile ramps that you can use to load your snowmobile. These maker it easier and safer to get a sled loaded.

There are so many different ramps to choose from, including folding snowmobile ramps, so we put together this in-depth guide to make the process easier for you. Don’t forget to scroll past our recommendations for a helpful buying guide, useful tips, and FAQ section.

Otherwise, let’s just jump right into it!

The Best Snowmobile Ramps (Reviews) in 2021

Black Ice Snowmobile Loading Ramp (Best Snowmobile Ramp Overall)

The Black Ice Snowmobile Loading Ramp is our top recommendation as the best snowmobile ramp for most people. This ramp makes loading the snowmobile directly into the pickup truck easy and convenient.

For starters, this loading ramp features two outer ramp panels with extra wide polyethylene ski guides. This results in less resistance getting the snowmobile up while the center ramp panel with exposed rungs offers plenty of traction for the sleds tracks.

To help keep the ramp in place there are two included cam buckle straps along with a tailgate rest. The tailgate rest is made up of six rubber coated fingers that prevents the ramp from slipping while you’re loading your sled.

When it comes to durability, this ramp set is made from high-strength, lightweight aluminum. Thanks to the tri-fold design, it’s easy to store and folds up for easy transportation.

With a weight capacity of 1,500 pounds, this is plenty of support for most snowmobiles.There’s even an extension that hooks under the bottom rung to make it easier to get the snowmobile loaded.

Overall, the Black Ice Snowmobile Loading Ramp is our top recommendation as the best snowmobile loading ramp. It’s well-built, easy to use, and the lightweight design is perfect for storage and transportation.

Caliber Pro Ramp

The Caliber Pro Ramp is another great option if you’re looking for a ramp to use for loading your snowmobile into a pickup truck or trailer. This is a versatile loading ramp that can also be used for ATVs and other smaller recreational vehicles.

With a 1,500 pound capacity, it’s possible to use this ramp for loading most makes and models of snowmobiles. The rungs up the middle provide ample grip for the snowmobile tracks and makes it even easier to load, especially if you’re on your own.

Thanks to the low pro grip glides, you’ll have plenty of grip while walking up and down the ramp during the loading process. Even if it’s wet or slippery out, the irrigated design of the ramp walkway keeps it free from excessive moisture.

At the top of the ramp are rubber coated feet that help to keep it in place while preventing it from sliding during the loading process. There’s also a strap to connect the ramp to your vehicle for even better support and stability.

While it doesn’t come with an extended ramp run section like our top recommendation, it’s still easy to load a sled with this setup. The tri-fold design makes it portable and convenient for both transportation and storage options.

Overall, the Caliber Pro Ramp is another great choice for loading your snow machine onto a pickup truck or trailer. It’s well-built, easy-to-use, and reasonably priced, which makes it a great choice if you’re on a budget.

Rage Powersports Snowmobile Loading Ramp (Best Snowmobile Trailer Ramp)

For loading a snowmobile onto a trailer, the Rage Powersports Snowmobile Loading Ramp would be our recommendation. This is a loading ramp that’s specifically designed to be used for loading your sled into a toy hauler or flatbed trailer.

With a weight capacity of 1,500 pounds, this is more than enough for most snowmobiles. Thanks to the low profile design, it’s easy to get the sled up the ramp and securely mounted onto the trailer.

The heavy duty aluminum construction is durable enough for regular winter use while offering plenty of corrosion resistance. It’s also lightweight and easy to move around when it’s not being used.

To make it easier for storage, this ramp has a tri-fold design. It folds down rather small, which also helps make it more convenient for transportation when you’re getting to and from the snowmobile trails.

For easier loading, there are polyethylene ski guides on each side, which can accommodate the skis on most snowmobiles. The ramp also comes with an extension that lets you get a moving start, ideal for heavier sleds.

To help keep the ramp in place there are rubber fingers that rest on the trailer to prevent it from moving or sliding. It can also be secured with the two included cam buckle straps so that it doesn’t accidentally fall off the trailer during the loading process.

Overall, the Rage Powersports Snowmobile Loading Ramp would be our recommendation if you’re using a trailer for your snowmobile. With this one it’s easy to load your sled, even if you’re on your own with a heavier machine.

Best Snowmobile Ramp Buying Guide

snowmobile helmet

It can be difficult to find affordable and cheap snowmobile ramps that offer the quality, durability, and reliability that you’re looking for. To find the right ramp, it’s important to do your research so you can be aware of the different features that would benefit you.

Since most people don’t have time to spend hours researching for a ramp for snowmobiles, we put together this helpful buyer’s guide. Take a look below to learn more about the most important features you should be considering when you’re looking for a ramp.

Weight Capacity

One of the most important features to consider is the weight capacity that a snowmobile ramp can handle. This is very important because if the total capacity is too low you won’t be able to safely and reliably load a snowmobile into your pickup truck.

When you’re looking at different ramps, you’ll see that the weight capacity is listed per axle. you definitely want to check this out before looking at any other options and then comparing it with the weight of your snowmobile.

Thankfully, most ramps come with a carrying capacity of 1,500 pounds or more. This is more than enough for most snowmobiles.

For heavier, bigger snow machines, you’ll need to look for a heavy duty snowmobile ramp instead. Keep in mind that these will be more expensive, heavier, and harder to manage on your own, though they’ll get the job done for loading your sled.

Length and Width

Another feature to consider is the overall dimensions of the ramp you’re interested in. It’s important for the length and width to match the length and width of your snowmobile.

There also needs to be some extra space so you can easily move around during the loading process and so the snow machine won’t accidentally slip off.

Double check the dimensions of your snowmobile and then compare them to the dimensions of the ramps you’re looking at. This way you’ll be able to find one that’s long enough and wide enough for getting your sled into the back of your truck.

You should also account for the height of the truck or trailer you’re using. The higher it is, the steeper the angle, which is going to make it more difficult to load anything onto a truck or trailer with a shorter ramp.

Build Quality

When you’re browsing different ramps, consider the overall build quality and design features. Look for higher quality, lightweight aluminum or even heavy duty steel ramps, which offer plenty of durability for loading a heavy snow machine.

There should be a surface on the top that can grip the snowmobile while allowing you to load it into your pickup trucks or onto a trailer. Don’t buy anything that doesn’t come with any grip, or you’re going to have difficulty loading when it’s wet or slippery.

Some ramps even come with ski guides, which make it easier to direct the sled up the ramp. It’s also possible to find some with extension pieces, which helped make a slippery floor more manageable.

As for choosing between aluminum or stainless steel, this would depend on the weight of your sled and how often you’ll be using the ramp. Both of these materials are highly resistant to corrosion while being generally lightweight and easy to handle.

As always, don’t forget to take a look at reviews to see what other people have to say about the snowmobile ramps you’re interested in. This will give you the best idea of the overall quality and whether or not other people are happy with their purchase.

Ability to Fold

It’s possible to choose between a tri-fold, non-folding, and folding snowmobile ramp. Most people prefer using the tri-fold ramps since they’re versatile, easier to store, and easier to bring in a pickup truck.

The tri-fold design makes it possible to fold the ramp into a compact and portable size. The other two types will generally take up more space and be more cumbersome to handle.

There are even some tri-fold snowmobile ramps that come with integrated straps to make them easier to secure during transportation. For choosing the right type, you’ll need to consider your preferences and how often you’ll be transporting your snowmobile.

Helpful Tips

  • Whenever you’re loading a snowmobile, take your time to properly set up the ramp. Make sure it’s secure to the pickup truck or trailer so that it doesn’t slip or accidentally fall when you’re loading.
  • If you’re planning to ride your snowmobile up the ramp, keep your snowmobile helmet on until it’s secure in the truck. It takes a lot of practice to get the snowmobile loaded correctly and you don’t want to crash or accidentally slide off without wearing a helmet.
  • The easiest way to get it loaded is by getting a running start and coasting up the ramp. Try to avoid hitting the throttle when you’re going up the ramp so you don’t overshoot and crash into the front of the trailer or truck.
  • Consider buying some extra sled deck accessories to make it easier to load the sled. Some people even pick up a dedicated snowmobile trailer, since it’s easier to load than using a ramp to get the machine into the back of a pickup truck.
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