Why Do Biker’s Wear Leather Vests?

The answer to this question is less complicated than you might think. Motorcyclists choose to wear leather vests because it vastly improves their ability to hold on and withstand high speeds, as well as providing a covering for the rider’s upper body. These vests also provide protection from burns and scrapes due to the fact …


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The Lightest Motorcycles That Are Easy to Ride in 2022

Something that regularly surprises New Riders is how heavy motorcycles can be. Most entry level motorcycles are around 300 to 400 lbs, though they get a lot heavier from there. There are plenty of Cruisers and bigger touring bikes that weigh upwards of 1,000 lb. If you’re trying to manoeuvre this around your garage or …


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The 5+ BEST Mini Bikes (Reviews) in 2022

It doesn’t matter if you’re an experienced motorcycle rider or you just want to have some fun off-road. Riding a mini-bike is a blast in all conditions and for riders of every age group. Surprisingly, there are some amazing mini bikes available these days. Not only are they fun to ride, they offer amazing fuel …


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The 5+ BEST Electric Motorcycles in 2022

With how popular electric vehicles are becoming in the automotive industry, it’s not surprising to see electric motorcycles breaking into the scene. While electric bikes have been in development for over a decade, they’re now just entering the apex of their popularity. If you can overlook the growling of the exhaust and lack of rumbling …


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The 10+ BEST Motorcycle Brands in the World

As a rider, you probably already know how passionate people are about motorcycles. Many riders are die-hard loyalists to what they perceive to be the best motorcycle brand. For me, it all started on my first bike – a Honda. Since then, I’ve been a huge Honda fan and rarely consider anything else (even though …