The 5+ BEST Motorcycle Camping Chairs (Reviews) in 2021

motorcycle camping with a tent and triumph bike

After spending the day riding to your destination, you probably want to plop down and relax. Motorcycle camping is a great way to explore, although it can be a tiring experience.

Instead of having to sit down on a bench, on the ground, or awkwardly stand around, motorcycle camping chairs can be a great addition to your gear. They’re comfortable, lightweight, and perfect for relaxing after a long day of riding.

With so many options to choose from, it can be difficult to find the best motorcycle camping chair to take with you. In this post, we put together a list of our top recommendations to save you the time from researching.

Each of our recommendations is lightweight and suitable for motorcycle camping. They pack down light and can be easily stowed away in your motorcycle side bags or luggage.

They’re also each well-reviewed and a popular choice among motorcycle campers. After our recommendations you’ll find a helpful buyer’s guide as well as an FAQ.

We hope that this post covers everything you want to know about finding the right camping chair for motorcycle touring. If we missed anything, don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments below.

Let’s jump right into it!

The Best Motorcycle Camping Chairs

Tinya Ultralight Chair (Best Motorcycle Camping Chair Overall)

Tinya Ultralight Chair

The Tinya Ultralight Chair is our top recommendation for the best motorcycle camping chair. This is a lightweight, portable, and compact chair that’s ideal for bringing with you on a motorcycle trip.

At just 2-pounds in weight, this chair can be easily packed away without adding too much weight to your luggage. It comes equipped with its own travel bag and folds down to just 13.4-inches in length.

Despite being a collapsible chair, it’s capable of holding up to 250-pounds. This is thanks to the durable and strong aluminum alloy frame.

The fabric is made from a high density 600D polyester and mesh combination. This helps to provide ample ventilation while being durable enough to use for camping trips and moto touring.

Finally, after unpacking, the chair can be unfolded in seconds. This way you’re ready to relax almost immediately after a long ride.

Overall, the Tinya Ultralight Chair stands as our top recommendation for the best camping chair for motorcycle touring. If you’re looking for something lightweight, reasonably priced, and easy to use – this is your best bet.

TravelChair Slacker Chair (Best Lightweight Motorcycle Camping Chair)

TravelChair Slacker Chair

The TravelChair Slacker Chair would be our next recommendation if you’re looking for something small, lightweight, and portable. This is a great option for a motorcycle saddlebag chair that you can bring with you on your next camping trip.

The TravelChair Slacker Chair is more of a stool and provides riders with a comfortable and ergonomic upright seating position. It packs to the size of a rolled-up newspaper and can be easily stashed away in your luggage.

With a weight capacity of 275 pounds, this is a great option for bigger riders. The chair itself weighs around 2.2-pounds so it won’t make or break your packing list.

For durability, the TravelChair Slacker is made from a powder coated steel frame. This allows for better support while you’re sitting and increased durability for long term use.

The material is made from a ripstop polyester fabric. It’s easy to clean, lightweight, and allows for ample ventilation.

To help keep the chair in place are duck-billed feet, which make it easy to balance and sit upright. When you’re ready to ride, it can be easily closed and packed away – it even has a built in carrying strap.

Overall, the TravelChair Slacker Chair is a great choice if you’re looking for a stool, as opposed to a chair with a back. This is a lightweight, affordable, and well-reviewed setup for bringing with you on your next camping trip.

GCI Outdoor Quick-E-Seat

GCI Outdoor Quick-E-Seat

The GCI Outdoor Quick-E-Seat is a portable outdoor folding stool. It comes with a few interesting features that make it a great choice for motorcycle camping.

Starting off, the GCI Outdoor Quick-E-Seat is equipped with a beverage holder. At the end of the day you can open the chair, sit down, and enjoy one of your favorite drinks without having to get up.

The chair itself is designed from a powder-coated steel frame. This makes it sturdy, durable, and has a weight capacity of up to 250-pounds.

Speaking of design, this model weighs in at around 4.4-pounds. It’s slightly heavier than our top recommendations, but it’s a bit more comfortable and offers more support.

When it comes to support, the GCI Outdoor Quick-E-Seat is equipped with an extra wide padded backrest. The seat itself is padded for added comfort.

For packing, this can be easily and quickly folded down due to the collapsible design. It even comes with an integrated shoulder strap making it easy to carry and set up.

Overall, the GCI Outdoor Quick-E-Seat is a great choice if you’re looking for a comfortable and practical outdoor seating solution. The backrest and built-in beverage holder make this a unique option and a solid recommendation.

MARCHWAY Lightweight Camping Chair

MARCHWAY Lightweight Camping Chair

The MARCHWAY Lightweight Camping Chair is the perfect solution for motorcycle camping comfort. This is a high back chair that makes it easy to wind down and relax after a long day of riding.

Compared to other recommendations, this option provides one of the most comfortable seating positions. The upright design with the high back supports your back and neck while allowing you to kick your feet out front.

As for the chair, it takes advantage of a compact and ultralight design. It weighs just 3.7-pounds and can be easily folded down into its own carrying pouch.

It’s designed with lightweight, foldable aluminum poles and uses shock-cords for easy set up and fold down. Thanks to the 4 legs, this chair offers plenty of stability and support for uneven surfaces.

The chair fabric is made from a 1000D polyester and is capable of supporting weight limits of up to 250-pounds. This material is lightweight, durable, easy to clean, and offers ample ventilation.

Overall, the MARCHWAY Lightweight Camping Chair is a great choice if you’re looking for more of a full, high-back chair. This one is comfortable, offers plenty of support, and is still lightweight enough for motorcycle camping.

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