Who Makes Duralast Batteries? Duralast Battery 101

The last time you went shopping for car batteries you may have noticed there are a lot of different brands available. Not too many people have any brand loyalty in this regard and simply go with the most affordable option.

On the other hand, there are some great batteries available that you can use for your car or truck. One of our favourites are the Duralast batteries, which is a great car battery brand.

Whether you have heard of them or not, in this post we want to talk about who makes Duralast batteries. This should give you a better idea of the company itself and whether or not Duralast batteries are any good.

Hopefully, this short and in-depth post answers any of the questions about this brand you might have. Let’s jump right into it!

Are Duralast Batteries Any Good?

If you’re not aware, Duralast batteries are owned by AutoZone. This is generally a well-known car battery brand and there are a number of other brands under the AutoZone umbrella.

These batteries are popular and typically well-reviewed for their durability and longevity. However, this doesn’t let you know if they are any good or not.

Ultimately, it depends on the specific grade of Duralast battery that you’re using. There are a number of different options available depending on your budget ranging from lower-quality to premium, high quality batteries.

At the higher end of the price range there are Duralast Gold or Max batteries. Compared to the normal ones, these come with better features and superior performance.

They even have the Duralast Elite series of batteries, which tend to be a lot better than OEM or stock ones that you might find in your car. It’s worth noting that the Platinum Series of AGM Duralast batteries come with a lifetime warranty.

To answer the question – are Duralast batteries any good? They’re a great option if you’re willing to spend the money to buy a higher-end or premium model from this brand.

Otherwise, it’s likely you won’t be satisfied with the budget options as they might not meet your expectations. In that case you’ll want to look for some other options for cheap car batteries outside of the Duralast brand.

Who Makes Duralast Batteries?

The Duralast battery manufacturer is Johnson Controls. This company makes both the Duralast as well as the Duralast Gold batteries specifically for AutoZone.

There are other manufacturers as well. However, Johnson Controls is the main manufacturer and the main supplier of these batteries.

About Johnson Controls

While there are a number of other Duralast battery manufacturers, Johnson Controls produces most of the batteries for the Duralast brand. This is a multinational corporation based in Ireland with more than 2,000 locations and over 100,000 employees.

Recently, the Duralast section of Johnson Controls was purchased by another business. The business is called Brookfield Business Partners and they are in the process of rebranding it to a different name.

Thankfully, you can still purchase your Duralast batteries confidently. Just look to check that they’re manufactured by either a brand called Clarios or the same Johnson Controls company.

What Types of Duralast Batteries Are Available?

There are three different types of Duralast batteries available. Each type is made using different materials and has a different price depending on your budget and needs.

Here’s a quick overview of the different types you’ll be able to choose from:


This is the basic, budget-friendly battery with a very small warranty period. For this price you’ll have some decent longevity as well as vibration resistance.

The batteries at this price point will also have a basic level of cold cranking amps and reliable enough quick start features. Considering the price, you’re still getting a good deal if you’re looking for a cheap Duralast battery.

Duralast Gold

The Duralast Gold batteries fall into the mid-range price point. These are a good option if you don’t want a super budget battery.

The main benefit to these is that they are heavier and come with an increased number of lead plates. This means that the constant vibration in the engine won’t decrease the performance or overall efficiency of this battery.

These are a good choice for bigger vehicles and those with higher power consuming heating systems. You’ll also want to use one of these if your car has a premium infotainment system with a large screen and a lot of different tech features.

Duralast Platinum

The Duralast premium batteries are the most expensive available from this brand. They fall under the Platinum name and come with a number of different high-end features.

With a Premium battery you can expect better mounting position features as well as AGM technology. This means they come with better sealing as well as improved vibration resistance.

Definitely go with one of these if you’ll be starting your vehicle in cold temperatures on a regular basis. They’re also a great choice for bigger vehicles, such as trucks and third row SUVs.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Is Duralast a Good Brand?

Yes, at this point you have likely realized that Duralast is a good brand. Not only are they making batteries for AutoZone but it’s the same batteries being manufactured for AC Delco as well.

Those of you looking for high-quality, durable, and reliable batteries will definitely want to check out the line up from Duralast. Judging by all of their great reviews, this is definitely a brand you can count on.

How Long Do Duralast Batteries Last?

Most car batteries last between 3 to 5 years. You can expect about the same from any of the Duralast batteries.

Keep in mind that this timeframe differs depending on maintenance and how regularly the battery was charged and used. Always make an effort to keep up with maintaining your car battery to get the most out of it.

Are Interstate Batteries Better Than Duralast?

Looking at the quality, performance, and overall availability of Interstate batteries, we would recommend that they are in fact a better choice. However, Duralast are still a great option for most people and you’re unlikely to have any issues with their batteries.

What About Duralast vs Autocraft Batteries?

Both the Duralast and AutoCraft batteries are made by the same company. Johnson Controls is the manufacturer of both these Brands.

If both are available, it’s up to you to decide which brand you prefer. Essentially, the batteries are the same and just fall under different branding names.

Where to Buy Duralast Batteries

If you’re wondering who sells Duralast batteries you’ll want to head to your local AutoZone. This will be the main distributor of these products if that’s what you’re looking for.

Otherwise, your local automotive store will likely carry this brand. It’s always a good idea to double-check online as well so you can easily find what you need.


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