How Fast Does a 300cc Motorcycle Go?


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If you’re looking for the best motorcycle for beginners, it’s hard to go wrong with a 300cc motorcycle. These are fast enough for getting around but not so fast that you’re going to kill yourself on your first few rides.f

A lot of riders, both new and experienced, end up wondering how fast a 300cc motorcycle goes.

To answer your question – what is the maximum speed of a 300cc motorcycle?

Most of 300 CC motorcycles will be able to reach a speed of up to 160 kilometres per hour, or 100 miles per hour.

It’s worth noting that this will differ between motorcycles and style of motorcycle, but 100 mph is generally reachable by most 300cc bikes.

You’ll definitely be able to cruise on the highway, use a 300cc motorcycle for commuting, or even go motorcycle touring on a 300cc motorcycle.

Outside of the United States and Canada, this is plenty big for most countries and is on the bigger side in a lot of places as well.

As for the safety of a 300cc motorcycle, the engine size and capability is what keeps things safe and manageable. T

hey also tend to be lighter and easier to control, making them a great choice for beginner riders or smaller riders that aren’t looking for a lot of power.

For more information about the speed of 300 CC motorcycles, you’ll definitely want to stick around and keep reading!

What are the factors that affect the speed of a 300cc motorcycle?


The number one factor that affects the maximum speed of most motorcycles is its overall weight.

Don’t forget to combine this with the weight of the rider, as a lighter Rider will be able to achieve a higher top speed on the same motorcycle as a heavier Rider.

Essentially, the heavier a rider is, the slower the maximum speed and overall acceleration of a motorcycle.

To get the most out of a 300 cc bike, you probably want to maintain a healthy weight. Heavy and overweight Riders will be better off with a more powerful motorcycle.

Check out our post – how much do motorcycles weigh? – to get a better idea of the various motorcycle weights. You can also explore our post on the lightest motorcycles if you’re interested in something that’s lightweight and easy to handle.

Wind resistance

Another factor that can affect the acceleration and maximum speed of a motorcycle is the wind resistance.

Different Bikes will have different wind resistance, which is the resistance of the wind pushing against the motorcycle while speed increases.

This is why 300cc sport bikes will be able to achieve a higher top speed and better acceleration than a 300cc cruiser or dirt bike.

Other factors that affect wind resistance include things like the motorcycle windshield, tire pressure, the shape of the motorcycle, your body’s profile on the motorcycle, and other scientific factors.

For the fastest 300cc motorcycle, you’ll want to go with a sportbike.

Amount of fuel

While we mentioned the weight, the amount of fuel left in the fuel tank will add to your overall motorcycle weight and can slow things down if you’re full.

Those of you looking to reach the maximum speed on your 300cc motorcycle will want to keep the fuel level as low as reasonably possible.

Fuel as a liquid is heavy, so a filled gas tank will result in a heavier and slower bike overall.

How do I reach the highest speed on a 300cc motorcycle?

If you’re not happy with the maximum speeds that you’re reaching on your bike, here are some helpful tips for improving your motorcycle speed:

Clean the air filter

As part of Motorcycle Maintenance, it’s a good idea to regularly clean your motorcycle air filter.

A clean air filter will result in a higher top speed, more acceleration, and a better performing motorcycle.

Make an effort to regularly clean the air filter on your bike to avoid any issues with engine performance and acceleration.

Keep the fuel level low

As we already mentioned, the less fuel your bike has the lighter it’s going to be. This will make it possible to improve acceleration and allow you to reach higher top speeds.

Using something like a motorcycle fuel gauge, if your bike isn’t equipped with one, will allow you to easily monitor the fuel level.

Try to keep your fuel level as low as reasonably possible if you’re looking for the best acceleration of a 300cc motorcycle.

Lose weight

The less you weigh, the better acceleration and top speed your motorcycle will be able to achieve.

If you are a heavier or overweight person, losing weight will definitely improve the performance of your bike.

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