The 13+ MOST Helpful ATV Maintenance Tips

ATV maintenance is important to ensure a healthy and safe ride. Some maintenance is required to ensure the ATV continues to operate properly, while other things are done to prevent damage caused by debris in the field. To keep your ATV in good working order, you must maintain it religiously throughout the year. Whether you …


car breaks

Duralast Brake Pads Review: Are Duralast Brake Pads Worth Buying?

You’ll regularly see Duralast brake pads featured online as the best brake pads on the market. Many people find these to be high-quality, durable, and high performance brake pads. Surprisingly, Duralast brake pads are not as inexpensive as you may think. In fact, they’re one of the most expensive brake pads on the market. At …


The 3+ BEST Gas Scooters For Adults (Reviews) in 2021

As a kid, scooters were a popular mode of transportation. But as we grow up, it can be harder to find the time to enjoy them like we used to. Our interests change, and sometimes it feels like there isn’t time for fun anymore. But you don’t have to give up on childish pleasures! Gas …


An In-Depth Guide to Cabin Air Filters And How To Replace Them

The cabin air filter in your car is designed to protect the occupants from outside dust, pollen, and pollution. But if you don’t change it regularly (both for your health and to maintain strong airflow), you’ll gradually notice a reduction in air quality. The good news is that replacing the cabin air filter in your …


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Are Motorcycle Helmets Mandatory in Ontario?

In Ontario, Canada – yes – motorcycle helmets are 100% mandatory. When you’re riding a motorcycle in Ontario, you must wear a helmet that is approved by the Canadian Standards Association. If you don’t, and your accident doesn’t result in death or severe injury, you could be facing criminal charges and a fine of up …