The 3+ BEST Motorcycle Jump Starters (Reviews) in 2021

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Updated September 2020

It can be disheartening getting ready for a ride, going to start your motorcycle, and finding out that the battery is dead. This could happen for a number of reasons, from having an old battery to not winterizing your motorcycle properly.

As long as you have a motorcycle jump starter, it’s not too difficult to get the bike running again. The problem with using a jumpstarting device is that they’re not all designed the same.

Some models are more expensive than others or may not come with the features you need. In this post, we’ll be looking at the best motorcycle jump starters you can find on online.

Let’s jump right into it!

The Best Motorcycle Jump Starters

NOCO Boost Plus GB40 (Best Motorcycle Jump Starter Overall)

NOCO Boost Plus GB40

The NOCO Boost Plus GB40 is our top recommendation as the best motorcycle jump starter for most people. We love it because it’s small, easy to use, well-reviewed, and perfect for jump-starting your dead motorcycle battery.

The NOCO Boost Plus GB40 is a 1000 amp, 12-volt, lithium jump starter. It’s lightweight and portable, making it a great choice to use for your motorcycle or for bringing with you on your motorcycle rides or trips.

It can be used for up to 20 jump starts on a single charge. This way you don’t need to worry about running out of juice if your battery happens to be especially low.

With this booster, you don’t need to worry about incorrect connections or sparks. It can be used to safely connect to your battery and keep it safe with its spark proof technology and reverse polarity protection.

At just 2.4 pounds, this is one of the smallest motorcycle jump starters on the market. You probably won’t find anything smaller or easier to use than the NOCO Boost Plus GB40.

Other features worth mentioning include the built-in flashlight, protective case, USB port, and easily accessible power button. All together, all of the features and build qualities make this a great choice.

Overall, the NOCO Boost Plus GB40 stands as our top recommendation for the best motorcycle jump starter. This is definitely what you’re going to want to have around if you’re having trouble starting your bike from a dead or low battery.

GOOLOO 1200A Peak SuperSafe Jump Starter

GOOLOO 1200A Peak SuperSafe Jump Starter

The GOOLOO 1200A Peak SuperSafe Jump Starter is another great option if you’re searching for the best motorcycle jump starters. This is another one that’s lightweight, portable, easy to use, and suitable for jump-starting your motorcycle battery.

The GOOLOO 1200A Peak SuperSafe Jump Starter has more than enough power to jump start a battery on any motorcycle. This makes it ideal whether you’re trying to boost a dead battery or you just need a small jump to get your motorcycle running.

Not only can it be used for boosting your battery, it comes with plenty of practical features. For starters, it comes with short circuit, high temperature, high voltage, reverse connection, and overcurrent protection. This makes it extremely safe to use in almost every condition and scenario.

It comes equipped with a 12V/10A DC output, so it can be used as a power source for any 12C DC devices. This is especially handy if you’re using a tire inflator for adding air to your motorcycle tires in your garage or when you’re on the road.

Other features worth mentioning include the LED light, portable design, and USB ports. With its small, streamlined design, you can easily toss it into a tank bag or saddlebag to take with you when you’re out riding.

Overall, the GOOLOO 1200A Peak SuperSafe Jump Starter is another great choice that we’d recommend as a motorcycle jump starter. It’s safe to use, well-reviewed, and can be used to jump your motorcycle battery in just about every condition and scenario.

TACKLIFE T8 Jump Starter (Best Cheap Motorcycle Jump Starter)

tacklife t8 review

The TACKLIFE T8 Jump Starter is a small and portable, yet heavy duty motorcycle jump starter. When fully charged, it offers 800 amps of peak current, more than enough to start a dead or low motorcycle battery.

The charger itself has a 18,000 mAh capacity and can be fully charged in just 4.5 hours. with such a high capacity, it’s possible to boost your motorcycle battery up to 30 times on a single charge.

Designed to be portable and heavy duty, the TACKLIFE T8 Jump Starter is lightweight while built using quality and durable components. It comes with all metal clamps, a heavy duty bolder cable, and thick grips that make the booster easy-to-use.

Thanks to the advance protections, this charger is safe to use, even if you’ve never boosted your motorcycle battery before. It comes with 8 different protections, including mistake-proof, spark proof, and reverse polarity protection and can be safely connected to any battery.

Once connected, there is an intelligent jumper cable with lights indicating when the jump starter is ready to be used. There’s even a convenient boost button so you can easily and effortlessly get your motorcycle started.

Other features worth mentioning include the LCD display, USB ports, convenient flashlight, and carrying case. All of these features along with the great reviews and overall ease-of-use make the TACKLIFE T8 Jump Starter another great choice.

TACKLIFE T6 Jump Starter

tacklife t6 jump starter

The TACKLIFE T6 Jump Starter is a smaller, even more portable version of the one we just recommended. While it doesn’t come with as many features, this is still a great choice for boosting your dead or low motorcycle battery.

The TACKLIFE T6 Jump Starter is compact, powerful, and perfect for motorcycle riders. It comes in a small, portable size so you can easily bring it with you on your rides or stash it in your garage.

With 800A of boosting power, this booster can be used to bring a motorcycle battery back to life nearly 30 times before running out. Once that happens, it can be fully charged and ready to use in less than 5 hours.

Thanks to the large, durable handles the handles are easy and convenient to use. This charger also comes with a number of safety protections to keep you safe while you’re using it.

Other features include the 12V power output, LED power indicator, and USB ports. It even comes with a carrying case, so you can keep everything organized in one place.

Overall, the TACKLIFE T6 Jump Starter is another great choice if you’re looking for a small, portable, and convenient jump starter. With one of these at home in your garage you won’t ever need to worry about jumping your dead motorcycle battery again.

The Best Motorcycle Jump Starter Buying Guide

First time buying a motorcycle jump starter? They’re great to have and one of the most important essential motorcycle tools. This guide was put together to teach you about the different features to look for in a portable jump starter for your motorcycle.

Each different device has its own benefits and drawbacks depending on your style of riding. Budget and personal preferences also play a role in helping you find the right jump starter.

Take a look at this helpful guide if you’re having trouble deciding on the right model. Here are the different features to look for:

Portable Design

The best jump starters are those that are lightweight, portable, and easy to store on your bike.

Avoid any models that are bulky or use full size automotive-spec Parts. These aren’t going to be easy to ride with and harder to use with a motorcycle.

Sport bikes and small cruisers will have the least amount of storage capability. Keep this in mind when you’re buying a jump starter if you’re planning on storing it on your bike at all times.

High Peak Current

Larger bikes with bigger batteries will require a higher peak current to be jumped, especially from a low battery charge.

Look for models with a high peak current.

These models will allow you to jump start your own bike without any current problems. A high peak current jump starter can also be used on other vehicles like snowmobiles, scooters, and boats.

Cheap models typically won’t have the high peak current requirements for all motorcycle battery problems. While a cheaper jump starter might work in some cases, it’s not what you’ll want for any emergency.

There’s also the “buy once, cry once” mentality that we follow here at Rips and Rides. Buy the right product the first time, even if it’s slightly more expensive than what you’re used to, and avoid any problems with it in the future.

Output Voltage

Another feature to keep an eye on is the output voltage off the jump starters you’re interested in. The starters designed for cars provide too much power for your smaller, less power-intensive motorcycle battery.

Using a car battery starter could damage your motorcycle battery if you’re not careful.

Double check your motorcycle owners manual for any warnings or recommendations before buying a jump starter. Don’t forget to look at the actual model specifications as well.


Portable jump starters for motorcycles rely on a fully charged power bank as their power source. Just like with the power banks you use for a smartphone, the ones designed for jump starters come in various capacities.

For a motorcycle the higher-capacity you can afford, the better you’ll be if you ever have to jump start your bike. Cheaper, less expensive models typically come with capacities under 10,000mAh.

Higher-end, better quality models come with capacities up to 20,000mAh. A higher capacity will help when more than one battery boost is needed.  This is practical when riding with others less maintenance-savvy than yourself.

Built-in Protection

The best jump starters for motorcycles come with built-in safeguards that protect your motorcycle battery against reverse connections or short-circuits. These features prevent your battery or motorcycle electric system from getting damaged.

It’s also much harder to shock yourself if you make any mistakes connecting the clamps. Always double check how to properly connect the jump starter to your battery before turning it on.

Thankfully, most motorcycle jump starters come with instructions that make it clear on how to use them.

Additional Features

Many jump starters come with additional features that riders might find useful. Some of these features include USB ports, built-in flashlights, air pressure gauges, and built-in air generators.

Rather than looking at the accessories and additional features, look for a jump starter that’s made from quality components. A good motorbike jump starter will be durable and designed with heavy-duty materials.

While some of these additional features are nice to have, they’re not necessary for jump-starting your motorcycle.

How to Use a Portable Jump Starter on a Motorcycle

A portable jump starter battery pack for your bike is an essential tool for motorcycle maintenance. Whether you’re heading out on a solo day trip or a longer ride with your buddies – you never know when you’ll need to jump or charge your motorcycle battery.

Even at home, having the jump start on-hand will prove to be useful. Batteries can die for any number of reasons and it’s easier using a booster than your car or another bike. If you’re having ongoing trouble, consider buying a new motorcycle battery.

These jump starters will get you back on the road quickly without much stress. You won’t need to wait for a motorcycle towing company, flag down another car, or call your mom. With a booster you can simply hook it up, start the bike, and ride off.

The best way to jump start a motorcycle with your jump starter is by following the manufacturer instructions. The video above also goes into detail about getting your bike started.

Why You Need a Motorcycle Jump Starter

harley parked outdoors

Those of you that ride all year or stay on top of motorcycle maintenance probably won’t need a motorcycle jump starter. On the other hand, if you don’t drive very often or if your motorcycle is stored during the winter, this may be something you need.

Let’s look at the different benefits of investing in one of these products:

Peace of Mind

If you ever need to get your bike running again, it’s a good idea to have the best portable motorcycle battery jump starter. This way you won’t need to worry about getting stranded if your battery happens to die and you’re not at home.

It also means you don’t need to rely on someone to come pick you up or wait for a towing service. Instead, you can jump start your bike and be well on your way.

Safe to Use

Using a car or truck to jump start a smaller motorcycle battery can actually damage the battery or the electrical system. This should be avoided, unless it’s the only course of action to get the battery running again.

Instead, using the best portable jump starter for your motorcycle prevents needing to rely on a car or truck. This way you can safely start your motorcycle and charge the battery without damaging it.

They’re Affordable

Most of the best motorcycle battery jump starters aren’t too expensive. They’re worth investing in, especially if you’re riding older bikes.

This is also something that’s going to last many years, since it’s not being regularly used. It’s better to have it and not need it, just in case.

They’re Versatile

Not only are the best motorcycle battery jump starters affordable, they’re also versatile. Along with jump starting your bike, they can also be used on cars, trucks, snowmobiles, ATVs, and other vehicles.

This makes them a great tool to have in your garage. For many riders, these should be part of any essential motorcycle tool kit.

They’re Easy to Use

Finally, portable jump starters are easy to use. It’s simple to hook them up to your motorcycle battery to get it going again.

This way, there’s no need to rely on anybody else if you happen to start your motorcycle and find a dead battery. Most of them even come with instructions that everybody can understand.


How Long Does a Motorcycle Battery Last Without Charging?

Generally, a motorcycle battery will last between four and six months if you’re not using it. However, this depends on a number of factors including age, storage conditions, and battery quality.

With older batteries, they’re more likely to die within one or two months. Using a battery tender or maintainer can help prevent this from happening.

How Many Amps Are Needed to Start a Motorcycle?

The answer to this question depends on the condition, size, and starting components of the motorcycle engine. For example, with a 12-volt battery, it will take about 200 amps to start the motorcycle.

Can a Bike Battery Be Overcharged?

Yes, it’s possible to overcharge the battery on a motorcycle. This will cause it to die faster and will require its being replaced sooner rather than later.

Avoid leaving a charger connected to the battery continuously. Eventually, the battery will be drained, and it will no longer work.

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