The 19+ BEST Dirt Bike Accessories in 2021

riding a dual sport bike through a river

As a dirt bike rider, there are a number of different accessories you should have in your riding arsenal. The problem is, there’s so much out there to choose from, how do you know what you need?

In this post, we put together a list of the best dirt bike accessories that you should have. Our recommendations range from key essentials to items that would make your riding life easier.

Depending on your riding style, you might not find all of these recommendations practical for your needs. On the other hand, you might find some great recommendations that you never even knew you needed.

If you’re just getting started with riding, check out our post covering the best dirt bike tips for beginners. This should help you get well on your way into dirt biking.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at the best accessories for dirt bikes! Feel free to leave any of your own recommendations in the comment section down below.

The Best Dirt Bike Accessories

Dirt Bike Helmet

dirt bike jumping

It goes without saying that wearing a helmet is important whenever you’re riding your dirt bike. Unfortunately, not everyone thinks a helmet is a big deal.

Though it’s mandatory in many states, provinces, and countries, there are some places where riders don’t need to wear a helmet. That’s why we recommend helmets as one of our most important dirt bike accessories.

For us, it’s not an accessory, but something we wear everyday. Others might find it to be an accessory and an option, rather than a requirement.

Looking at the motorcycle accident statistics for individuals not wearing helmets, it’s important to see why wearing one is a good idea. Check out our post on the best dirt bike helmets for our recommendations.

Dirt Bike Hand Guards

Dirt Bike with Hand Guards

Hand guards are another essential dirt bike accessory that can improve your riding experience. They’re designed to protect your hands and levers from getting damaged when you’re riding on rough terrain.

Branches, rocks, bugs, and other road debris gets sent flying into your hands when you’re riding off-road. A good set of dirt bike hand guards helps to protect your hands and fingers, along with the motorcycle levers, from injury and damage.

Even if you’re wearing a good set of dirt bike gloves, it’s still a smart choice to use hand guards. Along with protecting your hands and lovers, they also help to keep the wind off your hands – a great feature to have for cold weather riding.

Hand guards are readily available online, reasonably priced, and easy to install. These are a great accessory for your dirt bike and one of the first dirt bike upgrades you should make.

If you’re looking for a new set of hand guards we’ve got you covered. Check out our post on the best dirt bike hand guards to see our top recommendations!

Dirt Bike Skid Plate

Another beneficial upgrade, and a great accessory, are dirt bike skid plates. This is a hard, durable cover installed on the underside of your dirt bike.

Skid plates are designed to protect your bike from large rocks, branches, and other obstacles you experience on rough terrain. They’re typically designed from hard materials, such as steel or aluminum, which helps to provide ample protection.

Without a skid plate you’re risking damage to the underside of your bike. These hazardous obstacles can damage the frame, the engine, and even take out important components.

This can result in expensive repairs, or even put your bike out of commission. Along with hand guards, a dirt bike skid plate is another necessary upgrade and accessory riders should consider.

When shopping for a skid plate, look for one that covers as much area as possible. It should also provide side protection to your engine, not just the area on the bottom.

Depending on your budget, there are a wide range of different skid plates to choose from. Always double-check that the plate will fit your bikes make and model to avoid any issues during installation.

Dirt Bike Gloves

man wearing motorcycle gear

Most of you are probably already wearing proper gloves when riding. If not, you’ll definitely want to invest in a quality pair of dirt bike gloves.

These are gloves designed to protect your hands, fingers, and knuckles when you’re out riding. Not only do they protect your hands from debris, such as flying rocks or branches, they also protect them in case of a crash or accident.

Dirt bike gloves also allow you to properly operate your bike. They’re flexible and lightweight enough for you to use the controls and enjoy tactile feedback while you’re riding.

To help with protection, these gloves are designed with armor, padding, and durable materials. Avoid wearing gloves without these features, as they won’t protect your hands and fingers when needed.

If you’re in the market for a new set of gloves, or you’re looking to upgrade your current pair, check out our post. We put together a list of the best dirt bike gloves to help you find the right pair.

Pivot Levers

Pivot Levers

When you take your dirt bike off-road, it’s only a matter of time until you run into a tree or crash the bike on uneven terrain. One of the most likely outcomes when you dump your bike is a bent, snapped, or broken lever.

It doesn’t matter if it’s the brake or clutch lever. Damaging one of these, especially when you’re out on the ride, can result in you getting stranded miles from home.

That’s why we recommend pivot levers as one of the best accessories for dirt bikes. This is an easy and affordable upgrade that can be the difference between getting back on your bike and riding or having to walk miles back to the road.

Pivot levers will replace the standard levers on your dirt bike. Rather than snapping at the point of impact, they’ll pivot in the opposite direction of force.

This nifty design prevents them from breaking and they should snap back into place once you get your bike back upright. Pivot levers are a great upgrade for dirt bikes and essential if you’re spending a lot of time off road.

Dirt Bike Stand

Dirt Bike Stand

Compared to cars and other motorcycles, dirt bikes are relatively easy to work on. Most people can do the majority of their dirt bike maintenance with a few basic tools in the comfort of their own garage.

To help make maintenance easier, dirt bike stands are essential. Without a stand, it’s difficult to reach those tight, dark areas underneath the bike.

With a dirt bike stand, it’s easy to lift your bike for any of that maintenance it needs. Things like oil changes, chain tightening, another maintenance becomes a lot easier with the bike accessible on a stand.

While it’s possible to use a block of wood or plastic crate, this is not something we recommend. Dirt bike stands are designed to hold the weight of your bike and make it easier to access everything.

If you don’t have a stand, or if you have other bikes, you could definitely get away with using a motorcycle lift. Always double-check that the bike is sturdy before elevating it.

When shopping around for a stand, look for models made from durable materials such as metal or aluminum. Also, verify that your bike will fit to avoid any issues with sizing.

Chain Wax (or Lube)

Motul Chain Lube

It’s always a good idea to keep up with dirt bike maintenance. One of the main aspects of maintenance is keeping your chain lubricated.

This is something that needs to be done regularly. A well duplicated chain extends its lifespan and provides a smoother, more comfortable riding experience.

Depending on your preferences, it’s possible to use either motorcycle chain lube or chain wax. Personally, we find chain lube to be an easier and more effective solution to lubing your dirt bike chain.

We put together a post on the best motorcycle chain lube. Here you’ll be able to find out recommendations for the best lube that you can also use on your dirt bike chain.

Chain lube also helps to keep dirt, dust, and other debris from building up on your chain. This is especially important for those of you spending a lot of time off road.

Take a look at the maintenance schedule for your dirt bike to see how often they recommend cleaning and lubing the chain. It’s a good idea to do it every few rides just to avoid any issues in the future.

Radiator Guard

dirt bike Radiator Guard

Along with the skid plate, installing a dirt bike radiator guard is another great upgrade. This is a helpful dirt bike accessory, especially if you’re spending a lot of time off road riding across rough terrain.

Radiators are one of those fragile parts of your bike. They’re especially susceptible to damage and expensive to fix if something goes wrong.

The main concern with radiators is they dent and bend from all the debris being thrown into them. Eventually, this can weaken the radiator component, and cause them to start leaking.

Most of these dents and bends are caused by regular riding on rough terrain. Using a radiator guard can help prevent them from getting damaged and provide more strength and support.

This will help to extend the life of your radiator and enable you to tackle rougher terrain without having to stress about it. While they are expensive, radiator guards make a great dirt bike upgrade.

Don’t forget that a guard won’t prevent damage to your radiator in case of a serious crash or accident. Instead, they’re better suited for normal riding and preventing accelerated wear and tear.

Dirt Bike Goggles

girl wearing dirt bike goggles

Dirt bike goggles are designed to protect your eyes and face while you’re riding your dirt bike. Unlike standard motorcycle helmets, dirt bike helmets are meant to be used with a set of goggles.

You’ll want to invest in the best dirt bike goggles you can afford for the optimal riding experience. Most of the cheaper ones will fog up and won’t offer ample protection when you’re out riding.

Cheaper goggles also don’t offer adequate sweat protection. It’s only a matter of time until sweat will start trickling into your eyes, causing discomfort and ruining your ride.

Goggles protect your eyes and make it easier to see what’s ahead of you. It’s a lot easier to remove the goggles and wipe them down, rather than riding without them.

Dirt Bike Toolkit

Dirt Bike Toolkit

If you ride a lot off road, far from popular areas, there’s a good chance you’ve been stranded before. Hopefully you had a dirt bike tool kit that allowed you to solve any of the problems you were experiencing.

If not, toolkits are a great accessory to have. Not only are they useful for maintenance, they can be used to get you out of the pinch when you’re stuck somewhere off road.

It’s a good idea to keep some dirt bike specific items in your tool kit. This might include things like a tire repair kit, extra spark plug, a small amount of chain lube, and other essentials.

Consider the items and tools you’re using on a regular basis. These are what should be included in your toolkit.

Depending on your bike, you may be able to stash a toolkit under the seat. Otherwise, consider riding with a backpack or handlebar bag so you can easily access the kit if needed. Take a look at our post on the best motorcycle tool kits for some ideas!

Hydration Pack

During the warmer summer months it’s easy to lose track of time when you’re out riding. You could be having so much fun you even forget to drink.

It can also be difficult stashing water bottles on a dirt bike. You probably won’t even want to wear a backpack either, since many of them aren’t very comfortable.

With a hydration pack it’s easy to stay hydrated without having to carry water bottles or stop for a drink. These are typically lightweight and possible to use without hands.

With a hydration pack you can keep riding and taking sips of water without having to stop. This way you’ll be hydrated and feeling great, even on the warmest of summer days.

Becoming dehydrated or suffering from heatstroke on the bike is not something you want to experience. It’s better to use a hydration pack to stay well-hydrated whenever you’re out riding.

Ear Plugs

Ear Plugs

Ear protection and your hearing typically gets overlooked as an important part of motorcycle and dirt bike safety. However, without wearing ear plugs, it’s likely you’ll suffer from hearing damage and hearing loss if you’re not protecting your ears out on the bike.

The noise from your exhaust, as well as the wind noise, is loud enough to cause permanent damage. This can be easily avoided by using ear plugs on all of your rides.

It might seem counterintuitive, but earplugs can actually improve your hearing while you’re riding. Instead of wind noise, you’ll be able to hear sirens, your engine, music from your headset, and more of what’s going on around you.

They’re also going to protect your hearing and prevent tinnitus from developing. You don’t even have to take my word for it – there are studies that show hearing loss in motorcyclists that aren’t using earplugs.

With that in mind, check out our post on the best ear plugs for motorcyclists. This helpful guide will make it easy for you to find the right pair for your riding style and preferences.

Auxiliary Fuel Tank

When you’re off exploring the back roads you probably won’t be anywhere near a gas station. Running out of fuel can leave you stranded miles from the closest road.

To avoid having to deal with this issue, auxiliary fuel tanks make a great dirt bike accessory. Those of you spending a lot of time off-road exploring secluded places should consider getting one of these.

Auxiliary fuel tanks are the easiest way to carry extra fuel for your dirt bike. They make it easier then using a fuel can, or even water bottles.

Additionally, they’re safer to use and easy to install on your dirt bike. You could also consider upgrading your fuel tank to a bigger one if you spend a lot of time far from civilization.

Dirt Bike Cover

While you probably leave your dirt bike outside, covering it can help extend its lifespan. A dirt bike cover will also keep your ride cleaner and make it easier to maintain.

Not everybody has a garage or outdoor motorcycle shed that they can use for dirt bike storage. In this case, using a dirt bike cover is the best way to shield your bike from the outdoor weather elements.

Typically, they’re orange covers designed for specific bikes. Instead, you’re better off getting a general motorcycle cover to use for your dirt bike. Check out our post on the best motorcycle covers to see our recommendations.

Bolt Motorcycle Hardware Kit

motorcycle hardware kit

It’s annoying when you’re working on your bike and misplace, break, or can’t find a small piece of hardware. You can also lose something when you’re out on the road or in the woods zooming around.

Depending on the hardware, this can be a minor annoyance or a serious problem. That’s why it’s a good idea to have a motorcycle hardware kit.

These kits allow you to be prepared if you happen to lose or break a piece of important hardware on your bike. Inside these kits you’ll find some helpful pieces of hardware including bolts, washers, screws, nuts, and other components for your ride.

Leaving the main kit at home for maintenance and upgrades is a good idea. You should also include some pieces in your dirt bike toolkit in case something breaks or falls off when you’re away from home.

One of these kits can save you a trip to the hardware store or having to call a motorcycle towing company. You never know when you’re going to break or lose an important piece of hardware on your bike.

Knee Pads

dirt bike Knee Pads

Your safety is the most important thing when you’re out on a ride. Of course, you’ll probably be wearing a helmet, gloves, and a jacket. What about your lower body?

While there are options for motorcycle jeans and pants, knee pads are a more practical idea for most riders. They’re easy to use and can be quickly put on or removed when needed.

Your knees are one of the main points of impact if you happen to get tossed from the bike or involved in an accident. Protecting them is important and can be done with a quality pair of dirt bike knee pads.

Most knee pads are reasonably priced and designed to protect your knee from serious impacts. They also help to shield your knees from rocks, branches, and other debris you might experience on rough terrain.

Tie Downs

Pro Taper Standard Universal Tiedown Straps

Many dirt bikes aren’t street legal and need to be transported to a local dirt bike trail or riding area. If you don’t have them already, quality tie downs can make it easier and less stressful to transport your dirt bike.

Assuming you’re using a trailer or hitch mounted dirt bike mount, you’re going to need a set of tie down straps. These are used to secure the bike in place and prevent it from rattling around or tipping over.

When it comes to tie downs, there are three main types to choose from. There are ratchet straps, soft straps, and locking straps.

We recommend going with ratchet straps as these are the best for providing a tight, secure hold. Alternatively, soft straps are another great choice if you have the right mounting hardware.

If you’re in the market for a set of tie-downs, check that they’re strong enough to hold your bike. Look at the breaking strength and any weight limits.

Avoid using cheap, poorly made, or low quality tie downs. These can slip, fray, or break and result in your bike tipping over and becoming damaged.

Air Pump

Depending on where you’re riding, you may have to adjust your tire air pressure for local conditions. Without an air pump, you can only remove air, and won’t be able to add air back into the tires.

Tire pressure can be affected by a lot of different elements. These would include temperature, elevation, and riding conditions.

If the tire air pressure is too high, this results in a less comfortable ride. The tires won’t be able to grip as well and you’ll feel the bumps and jolts while you’re riding.

Low tire pressure can impact your ability to properly corner. It also causes the bike to react poorly and can result in wobbling.

The right air pressure depends on your elevation, temperature, and riding conditions. For example, higher pressure is better on rocky trails while lower pressure is better on loose sand and gravel.

With a portable air pump, you’ll be able to adjust your tire pressure based on the riding conditions. It’s easy to throw one of these in your car, truck, or even in your backpack if you’re riding with one.

Pressure Gauge

A portable pressure gauge is necessary to accurately measure your tire pressure. Along with your pump, this will let you adjust your tire pressure properly for the conditions you’ll be riding in.

With so many options to choose from, it can be difficult to decide on a specific pressure gauge. Look for one that’s specifically made for motorcycles, dirt bikes, or smaller tires.

Digital pressure gauges will provide the most accurate reading. These typically are designed to be lightweight, easy to use, and make for one of the best dirt bike accessories.

Dirt Bike Lock

grip-lock motorcycle lock

As a motorcycle rider, you may be used to using a motorcycle lock for security. You should also be using one for your dirt bike, especially if you’re not able to store it indoors or in a shed.

Dirt bikes are expensive and it’s a time-consuming process to replace one should it get stolen. Since they’re usually lightweight and small, this makes dirt bikes a bigger target for motorcycle thieves.

With a dirt bike lock you’ll be able to properly secure your bike. These locks also help to deter theft and give you peace of mind.

Airbox Wash Cover

Washing the airbox on your bike is one of the steps of dirt bike maintenance you don’t want to overlook. An air box wash cover makes the cleaning process easier and more hassle-free.

On your dirt bike, the air box can get really dirty. It’ll definitely be dirty if you’re riding a lot in dusty and muddy conditions.

Cleaning the air box can be a difficult process. That’s because it directly connects to the engine to the air intake and can be difficult to remove.

With an airbox wash cover, you won’t need to worry about getting moisture or more debris into the airbox. Simply bolt it on to the air intake and wash your bike as you normally would.

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