The Best Car Detailing Kits (Reviews) in 2021

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Washing your car regularly is a part of regular car maintenance you don’t want to miss. With a clean car you can more easily spot any issues.

Having a clean vehicle also helps to slow down general wear and tear, giving your car better longevity. It doesn’t hurt to drive a shiny, clean car either.

In this post we’ll be looking at the best car detailing kits you can use to properly clean your car, truck, van, or any other vehicle. Each of these kits is loaded with the best car detailing products to help you cover all your bases.

Don’t forget to scroll towards the bottom of this post for an in-depth buying guide and FAQ section. With that in mind, let’s jump right into it!

The Best Car Detailing Kit

Chemical Guys 16-Piece Arsenal Builder Wash Kit (Best Car Detailing Kit Overall)

Chemical Guys 16-Piece Arsenal Builder Wash Kit

Topping our list as the best car wash kit for most people is the Chemical Guys 16-Piece Arsenal Builder Wash Kit. This kit is equipped with just about everything you need for detailing your own car, truck, van, or SUV at a professional level.

The Chemical Guys have gone ahead and put together this kit full of the best car cleaning products. With this you’ll find everything you needed to build your own “arsenal” of high-quality cleaning products and supplies.

When it comes to cleaning products, some of the highlights of this kit include the Diablo wheel gel, glass cleaner, butter wet wax, and honeydew snow foam. These different products make it easy for you to clean the outside of your vehicle and get that new car look you’re hoping for.

When it comes to car cleaning tools, this kit is also loaded with everything you need for a proper clean. This includes the detailing bucket, Cyclone dirt trap, Torq foam cannon, microfiber wash mitt, four different microfiber towels, and a short handle brush.

With all of these different supplies there’s no part on your vehicle that you won’t be able to thoroughly clean. The quality of these cleaning supplies and products means you’ll be left with a vehicle that looks like it was professionally detailed.

While it’s not cheap, the Chemical Guys 16-Piece Arsenal Builder Wash Kit is full of practical and useful supplies that can be used for a number of washes and details. Skip the professional car detailer and work your own magic with this car detailing kit.

Armor All Car Wash and Cleaner Kit (Best Car Detailing Starter Kit)

Armor All Car Wash and Cleaner Kit

If you’re looking for a more affordable car detailing starter kit, it’s the Armor All Car Wash and Cleaner Kit that we would recommend. While it’s not as stocked with supplies as our top recommendation, this kit is a reasonably priced solution to get started with your own car detailing.

The Armor All Car Wash and Cleaner Kit comes with the essentials needed for cleaning both the exterior and interior of your vehicle. Rather than relying on harmful dish soaps, rough towels, and other impractical chemicals, this kit has everything you need to do your own detailing at home without any fuss.

For exterior cleaning, this kit comes with a car wash soap, multipurpose cleaner, glass wipes, drying towel, and a wash mitt. These different cleaning products and supplies are the basics needed to efficiently clean the exterior of your vehicle.

For interior cleaning, this kit comes with a multi purpose cleaner, odor eliminator, cleaning wipes, glass wipes, and protectant wipes. With all of these supplies you’ll definitely be able to clean the inside of your vehicle and leave it smelling like a new car.

Although it’s not as extensive as our top recommendation, and doesn’t come with more than just the basic supplies, the Armor All Car Wash and Cleaner Kit is our second choice. This is the best car wash kit if you’re looking for something basic, simple, and affordable without having to use any extra supplies or specialized products.

Meguiar’s Complete Car Care Kit (Best Car Wash Kit For Black Cars)

Meguiar's Complete Car Care Kit

When it comes to car care, Meguiar’s is a popular and well-known brand. That’s why it’s not surprising and easy for us to recommend to the Meguiar’s Complete Car Care Kit as another great choice for doing your own vehicle detailing.

This car kit is complete with 12 premium products that you can use for cleaning and shining the exterior of your vehicle, cleaning the interior, cleaning the wheels, and cleaning everything in between. With everything included, this is an all-in-one car detailing kit for car enthusiasts that want to easily clean their vehicles at home.

For cleaning the exterior, this kit comes with a car wash shampoo and conditioner along with a liquid wax. Any exterior scratches or swirls can be fixed with the Scratch X 2.0 while the endurance tire gel is great for giving those tires a dark gloss shine.

For the interior, this kit comes with a dedicated interior detailer cleaner and a plastic cleaner and polish for cleaning the interior plastics and accessories. To make the entire cleaning process even easier, microfiber towels, a microfiber wash mitt, and soft foam applicator pads are included in the kit.

The Meguiar’s Complete Car Care Kit is a professional level car detailing kit that comes with everything you need to clean your car and leave it spotless. Whether you’re cleaning the outside or detailing the inside, this is definitely a car wash kit you need to consider.

Turtle Wax Ultimate Car Care Kit

The Turtle Wax brand is synonymous with car care and maintenance. That’s why it’s not surprising that we’re recommending the Turtle Wax Ultimate Car Care Kit as another great option for at home detailing.

What makes this kit a great choice is that it’s reasonably priced and comes with everything needed for a detailed do it yourself car wash. The kit itself is well-reviewed and a popular choice among entry level car enthusiasts.

For the price, a surprising amount of products and cleaning supplies are included. With this kit it’s possible to thoroughly detail both the exterior and interior of any vehicle.

For exterior cleaning, this kit comes with a car wash soap, scratch and swirl remover, tire shine, and a spray wax. These products leave the exterior of your vehicle looking sharp, shiny, and fresh.

For interior cleaning, the kit includes a dash and glass interior detailer cleaner, an interior protectant, and an Odor-X odor eliminator. While not as extensive as some of our other recommendations, these are some basic products you can use for detailing the inside of your car.

Finally, a Durable foam applicator pad as well as two large microfiber towels are included. This way you don’t have to use any rough towels or other fabrics and can rely on the soft microfiber material to clean the surfaces on your vehicle without scratching.

Overall, the Turtle Wax Ultimate Car Care Kit is a great choice if you’re looking for something reasonably priced for a beginner level detail. Although some people might want some additional products, it’s hard to beat this car detailing kit at the price point.

Meguiar’s Classic Wash & Wax Kit

Meguiar’s Classic Wash & Wax Kit

The Meguiar’s Classic Wash & Wax Kit is another great choice if you’re looking for something reasonably priced and basic. It’s not loaded with cleaning supplies or special products, though it comes with everything you need for a quick and easy do-it-yourself car detail.

As I mentioned earlier, Meguiar’s is a well-known brand when it comes to car maintenance and car cleaning products. That makes it easy for us to recommend this kit for those of you looking for a better quality detail at home.

For cleaning the exterior of your vehicle, this kit comes with a car wash shampoo and conditioner, wheel and tire cleaner, and cleaner wax. It also comes with a quick detailer spray for quick touch-ups if you’re in a rush.

For the interior of your vehicle, this kit comes with an interior detailer cleaner. To help make the cleaning process easier, a car wash sponge, soft foam applicator pad, and a microfiber towel or also included.

This is the basics of what you need for the exterior, interior, wheels, and rims on your vehicle. For the price, it’s better value than going to the carwash and let’s you clean your car the way you want.

Overall, the Meguiar’s Classic Wash and Wax Kit is a great choice if you’re looking for something basic and affordable. Many of you won’t need much more than this to give your car a nearly professional detail.

Armor All Car Wash and Cleaner Kit

Armor All Car Wash and Cleaner Kit

The Armor All Car Wash and Cleaner Kit is a basic car care kit. It doesn’t come with much, but it has enough supplies for an easy and basic clean.

Each of our other recommendations offers a better choice if you’re hoping to get a professional level detail. This is a great option for drivers that want a basic clean car and aren’t worried about any of the smaller details.

Included in the kit is an ultra shine wash and wax car shampoo, original protectant wipes, glass wipes, and tire foam. This is all you need for a quick clean or touch up without having to spend too much time or money doing your own detailing.

Despite being a basic kit, the Armor All Car Wash and Cleaner Kit remains a great choice for people looking for something simple and easy. It’s not loaded with extra cleaning products or supplies, but it comes with enough that you can still properly clean your vehicle.

Best Car Detailing Kit Buying Guide

two men washing suv

After going through our list of recommendations, hopefully you have found the best car washing kit that meets your budget and requirements. If you’re still having trouble deciding, we put together this helpful buyer’s guide.

In this guide we’ll go over some of the features to look for when you’re shopping for a car detailing kit. Afterwards, we’ll cover some helpful tips on using your new kit as well as an in-depth FAQ about these products.

Features to Look For in Car Detailing Products

Starter vs Professional Level Kit

Browsing through our recommendations, you could probably see a difference in the different car wash kits we recommended. Some of them come with upwards of 16 different supplies and products, while others have just a handful of different products included.

Choosing the right kit in this regard depends on how in-depth you’re looking to get with your own car detailing experience. While it’s possible to get a professional level of detail, that’s not something that everybody is looking for.

The kits that come with a wider range of cleaning products and accessories are best suited towards those looking for the highest level of DIY detailing. These kits will get you the closest, or even exceed, the level of detail you would get from a professional business.

At the other end of the spectrum, the smaller kits are better suited for beginner car enthusiasts or those of you not as interested in such a high level of clean. Sometimes, you just need a few basic supplies and products to do a pretty good job when it comes to washing your own car.


When you’re browsing the different kits available, always look at the cleaners and shampoos that are included. These are some of the most important products when it comes to getting you that professional level of detail.

Cleaners and shampoos are also what helps to remove dirt, grease, and other debris. It’s important to use high quality cleaners and shampoos to preserve the paint on your vehicle and to get you that shiny car look you’re hoping for.


Good wax is another product to keep an eye out for. This is something included in the higher quality, more expensive kits.

While it’s good to have, wax isn’t exactly necessary. On the other hand, using a quality wax can help to keep your vehicle looking clean and prevent it from getting water spots or dusty.

Some kits come with a spray. This is easy to use, although you’ll find better results with a wax bar. Look up videos on how to use car wax if this is a product you don’t have experience using.

Tire Foam

Although it’s possible to use soap and water to clean the tires, tire foam makes the process faster and easier. Keep an eye out for kits that include tire foam.

This product works by being sprayed onto your tires. As it settles, it agitates the dirt, debris, and grease left behind on a tire.

Once it has been agitated, it’s easy to clean up with a microfiber cloth. This process can be followed up with a soap and water rinse for the best results.

Clay Bars

Clay bars are something the pros use and can be used to enhance your own car detailing abilities. These bars help to restore your paintwork and are easy to learn how to use on your own.

Many of the best car wash kits come with clay bars. You won’t find this product in the entry level or cheaper kits.

Why Should You Use a Car Detailing Kit?

cleaning tires on a car

Taking your car through the car wash on a regular basis can be expensive, even if you have an unlimited car wash pass. The chemicals and tools used in these car washes are also likely to damage the paint and other components on your vehicle.

Washing your car at home is the best way to preserve the paint work and overall quality of your vehicle without making any compromises. Let’s take a look at some of the other reasons why you should use a car cleaning kit.


After the upfront cost of a car wash kit, it’s a lot more affordable to do your own detailing and washing. While it can take some time to wash the inside and outside of your own vehicle, it’s a rewarding and relaxing experience for many people.

Deep Clean

Using a car detailing kit will definitely clean your car more effectively than a simple car wash could ever achieve. That’s because these kits come with a wide range of different cleaning products and materials.

Each product and material has a specific purpose, as opposed to the single soap being used at the car wash. You can also focus more on any problem areas and don’t have to worry about the car wash clothes damaging your vehicle or the paint.


Most of the better quality car washing kits come with wax or some other protective products. These help to protect the paint and keep your vehicle looking better for longer.

After spending so much time getting your car, it’s a good idea to use one of these products to protect the work you’ve done. You’re bound to get some compliments after you spend an hour or two detailing your own vehicle.

How to Detail Your Car With a Car Detailing Kit

How you detail your own car depends on the kit that you end up using. Each of them comes with their own products and supplies, so it depends on the kit.

Don’t forget to read instructions and check the labels to make sure you’re doing everything right. There are also plenty of help videos on YouTube that will guide you through the car detailing process.

Check out the video below for some help and ideas on how to professionally detail your own car:

Best Car Washing Kit FAQ

What’s the Difference Between Washing and Detailing?

When it comes to washing your car, it’s more of a basic surface wash for the exterior. Washing the inside would include a basic wipe down and maybe some light shampooing.

On the other hand, detailing is all about getting down into the details. Detailing the inside would include using a wider range of cleaning products and supplies while focussing on the hard-to-reach areas.

Detailing a car leaves it looking better, inside and out, than a standard wash ever could. Keep in mind that a proper detail will also take a much more significant amount of time to get the job done.

How Often Should You Detail Your Car?

The answer to this question depends on how often you drive, where the vehicle is kept, and your own personal preferences. Some people like to detail every weekend, while others leave it to once every few months.

There isn’t a specific answer to this question. It’s a good idea to clean the car as often as you like, especially when it gets dirty or you’re driving regularly in poor conditions.

Do New Vehicles Need to be Detailed?

New vehicles don’t need to be detailed as often as older vehicles. It also depends on the conditions that you’re regularly driving in.

Keep in mind that it’s easier to keep a clean car clean, as opposed to starting a process on a dirty car that hasn’t been washed in months. Rather than detailing all the time, try switching between car washing and detailing.

Don’t forget about using protective products, like wax sprays or bars, to protect the paint work on the vehicle and keep it looking nice. This can help to extend the time frame between details and will build up additional protective layers on the exterior.

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