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Who Makes Duralast Batteries? Duralast Battery 101

The last time you went shopping for car batteries you may have noticed there are a lot of different brands available. Not too many people have any brand loyalty in this regard and simply go with the most affordable option. On the other hand, there are some great batteries available that you can use for …


The Best Tires for Toyota Corolla (Reviews) in 2021

There’s a reason why the Toyota Corolla is one of the most popular and best selling cars of all time. The budget friendly price, overall reliability, and general availability of affordable parts make the Corolla a great option for thrifty drivers. Not only that, but they also come with great fuel economy, they’re easy to …


The Best Oil for BMW 328i (Reviews) in 2021

For a higher-maintenance car like the BMW 328i, it’s important to use a high quality engine oil. This helps to keep everything running smoothly and ensures that all of the internal engine components are properly lubricated. The last thing you want to skimp on when it comes to the BMW 328i is maintenance. Considering how …


The 3+ BEST Truck Bed Tents (Reviews) in 2021

Along with camper vans, trailers, and RVs, there are a number of people that are looking to start camping with their pickup truck. Some people find it as easy as throwing down a sleeping bag in the bed and calling it a day. On the other hand, sometimes you might want a few more creature …


The 3+ BEST Power Inverters For Your Car (Reviews) in 2021

Depending on your vehicle, you’re probably using a USB port or 12-volt USB adapter for charging your devices. While this is fine for your smartphone and other smaller accessories, it’s not suitable for larger accessories like camera batteries, laptops, or other bigger electronics. This can become an issue on car camping trips or road trips …