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How to Make Your Motorcycle Sound like a Harley

There could be any number of reasons why you didn’t end up buying that Harley-Davidson you had your eye on. Maybe you even bought one but it doesn’t sound like a Harley enough for you. How to Make Your Motorcycle Sound like a Harley In this post we’re going to look at how you can …


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How to add a fuel gauge to a motorcycle

It’s a good idea to have a fuel gauge on your motorcycle so you can track how much fuel is left in your tank. It definitely sucks when you’re out riding and you run out of gas because you forgot to track your mileage or you weren’t sure how much was left in the tank. …


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How Fast Does a 300cc Motorcycle Go?

If you’re looking for the best motorcycle for beginners, it’s hard to go wrong with a 300cc motorcycle. These are fast enough for getting around but not so fast that you’re going to kill yourself on your first few rides.f A lot of riders, both new and experienced, end up wondering how fast a 300cc …


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How to Replace a Lost Motorcycle Key

Although most motorcycles come with a spare key, you might not have one if you are buying a used motorcycle. It’s possible that you lost the spare motorcycle key as well. At this point you’re probably wondering what to do when you’ve lost your motorcycle key as well as how to replace a lost motorcycle …


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What is a Tail Gunner in a Motorcycle Club?

Tail-gunners are low-level members of motorcycle clubs (you might also be wondering why bikers wear leather vests) who are appointed to provide a protective escort for high-ranking, often international, members. They do not have the organizational power or influence of their senior counterparts, but they still serve a vital function as bodyguards for club members. …