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The 7+ BEST Motorcycle Jackets (Reviews) in 2022

A motorcycle jacket isn’t just a fashion statement, it’s an important part of the motorcycle safety gear you should be wearing whenever you hit the road. Regardless of the bike you’re riding, wearing a proper motorcycle jacket will keep you safe and comfortable. With so many options to choose from, it can be tricky finding …


Honda CBR600RR

The 7+ BEST Motorcycles for Beginners in 2022

In this post we’ll take a look at the best motorcycle for beginners and new riders! After getting your motorcycle license, you’re probably going to start looking for your first bike right away. Personally, I started on a “small” 2011 Honda CBR250R. For a beginner, that 250cc engine was perfect for learning on. With more …


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How to Get Your Motorcycle License in Ontario

This guide will teach you how to get your motorcycle license in Ontario. In Ontario, motorcycle riders need an M license to ride a motorcycle on Ontario streets. The M licensing system has 3 parts – the M1, the M2, and the M. The M1 license is the basic Ontario motorcycle license. It’s valid for …